Book Review: Retire Secure!

Can a book change your life, especially a book about taxes?

Well, this one will, only if you follow the solid advice given by author, James Lange in, Retire Secure! Pay Taxes Later The Key to Making Your Money Last as Long as You Do.

Do you know how to get ready for retirement, figure out how long you are going to live, and how can you take care of the ones you love after you are gone? Well, you are about to get some lessons in life that will change your life.

The one myth that is squashed in this book is you have to be rich to save for retirement. There are methods that everyone no matter what level of wealth they are can contribute to a successful retirement.

One of the methods that people have known for years but seem to never listen; that is to match what the company contributes into your 401K. For those that are self-employed, he suggests that you start up a Roth IRA. He shows all the new rules on the Roth IRA’s, clear comparison examples on the math, how to roll over and convert when need. After reading this book, the confusion on Roth’s IRA will be resolved. He gives you a complete list of retirement plans that can fit anyone’s needs. I was especially pleased to see the Super-K and the Man-One 401K discussed, because if you are self-employed you to can still have a 401K. They came into effect in 2002. These plans can still be used in conjunction with the Roth IRA.

Another great lesson that you will learn is how to spend after-tax dollars first and tax-deferred dollars second. This method shows you how to get yourself into a lower tax bracket to save money and how to calculate your MRD(Minimum Required Distribution) so you can have plenty of money to enjoy retirement life. This is so important since our life expectancy has changed over the years; people are living longer and therefore need more money.

The last section that I am going to talk about is my favorite, how to reduce your Federal Estate Tax Burden. There are several great methods of protection that one can setup now that will benefit the loved ones that we leave behind.

Life is full of lessons, but these lessons will change your life in so many ways. So, for peace of mind and a more educated mind, read this book.

Barbara Price Galvan is the author of many technical books and an exciting new vampire novel,

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By Barbara Price Galvan

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