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Nepali journalist and Story Writer Kamala Sarup is an editor for She specialises in in-depth reporting and writing on Peace, Anti War, Women, Terrorism, Democracy, and Development.

A Cheating Heart

On the way he thought to see Megha and make her his second wife.

Life is a Struggle

Terrible was the night. Dogs were barking and there was a conversation of people somewhere in the midst of silence when his grandmother had left him and the same day he lost his job.

Living a Life Without Love – A True Story

After Binita was married for two years, she was busy all the time working. One day, she came home and tried to enter her room without making any noise but as she entered, she was greatly startled.

Miracles Do Happen in Love

He quickly finished a packet of cigarette. He is the most frank person in our group, so it can also be said that there is no one against him.

What US Can Do To End Syrian War

But right now, I am taking an interest in many things to broaden my perspective on what is going on in Syria and what has gone on in the world.

Women’s Power: Always Love Your Mother

After a long struggle for freedom, I reached my mother and possibly can proceed in life with her. Or, I can start an independent journey.

Development Reform and Education Reform Necessary for Economic Progress

Any improvement in the education and development activities must help improve the economy in terms of investment, tourism, and even simple daily economic activity.

My Poems Will Remain United

A lovely song was being broadcast at that moment. 'It is the time of worship to God. I have to arrange a lot,' she said, coming down the balcony. I was busy preparing tea. When I came down, my uncle introduced me to the guests.

HIV-Infected Woman

In March, I remember Mina telling me, 'Kamala, I want an ideal husband, quiet and loyal.' She was a nice woman. Therefore, a good person for her to marry would be someone with a leading personality.

Praying for Peace in The Middle East

I invited two of my friends - Naru, an Israeli, and Nadia Khan, a Lebanese - to my small apartment last week. They work together and their children go to the same school.