Women’s Power: Always Love Your Mother

I am confident that Mother will take everything with honors. Perhaps we were engaged in abstract love what I have learned from my mother, on the day of my graduation, she had filled her eyes with tear drops while saying ‘I will always regard you.’

I engaged myself to play with the love by my Mother. The love proved to be medicine in the moment. Next to me, if I love anybody, it is her, she must be happy in this context. At present I am repeating the love she gave to me.

Mother! the definition of truth is same and I am to make the relation more sensitive and delicate, it is certain. Love brings only positive results. I might win in love. I know, we have passing the time. The time has pulled us together in such a position where we are bound to make an agreement. The agreement will indicate a new path to proceed. Why does not the life run according to our will?

We can dedicate to lead life only when we are experienced it. We should not deem our recognition as some people do. I dared to introduce my Mother the meaning, depth, aim and dedication of love. It means I am mentally ready to make an agreement with pain and sorrow. We can’t uplift ourselves beyond the definition of life. Life is for regard.

After a long struggle for freedom, I reached my mother and possibly can proceed in life with her. Or, I can start an independent journey. There is equal probability. The journey should not get full stop as there is no full stop of faith and love to my Mother. If love should be considered as an undefined, this happens to be incomplete in itself and these can’t be included in the measurement of love, love can have a number of definitions. The one definition among these on the measurement of love is the nearness of heart and the support of feeling. Of course a love can dissolve like fantasy, but the ups and downs of fantasy’s air wing is never a love. If love is accepted in an easy and simple way, love is a decoration, a worship.

“Mother, I have an optimistic wish that we will stitch our hearts and minds to start a good journey of cordiality, for beauty.”

Mother, imagine is not the love. Many days Mother did come and support me. I talked extremely sentimentally. ‘Let’s go for a walk just a while. It’s been many days that we’ve not been open to each other.’ My Mother held my hand and began to insist to go out. I too started getting prepared to go with her. We started walking and began for a long journey. The happiness of life have stood being as a simply reaching up to her and I too have been trying to inhabit into her being like a dear friend. Really she is the alternation of mine to become happy.

I do remember how we take a rest at the small temple of nearby. ‘What a coincidence of our relationship!’ I’m not in a state to tell you much though I want to. I don’t know what conclusion she drew from listening my talk, but it is that she did like this talk. Mother, she kept speaking, ‘Life is not that easy and either it’s difficult without remedy which you merely talk about life and greatness. Such imagination might be affecting us every moment and we’re on the way of falling down slowly from the roof of our activeness. This is my view. But, I request not to be so. I wish we need to be good, there is only a good woman, it is said – in the comparison with great women. Correct the meaningless present and sketch out the perspective of future that is being gone to be obscure. Mine is only love for my Mother.’ I guessed she was evaluating herself while speaking this and searching for a clear expression of gaining in a journey of love. I have got many things to talk about with my Mom.

I said, “mother, many transformations happened between us, all these happened through our status and certainly we have been able to reach the landscapes of life from one to the other. In the same course I have laid out the display of this sentiment near you. And knowingly we probably have forgotten the diverse impressions too. In our relationship there is an agreement, belief and love.” Sometime in the past, sitting at this very place we were delighted in the imagination to make the golden dreams of life come true. While we are on our journey, there comes a change but which will become a beginning journey for second path. Maybe we have become too near. It might be hard for us to depart because of intimacy, who knows of the heart? This can be prolonged to any extent, this way, where we can’t depart. This way the life which we’re leading now and will remain alive forever.

My mother is the one I loved. She way she sees it, I should not be away from her this way otherwise the remembrance will remain strong within me. No one has come so kindly in my life as she has. I feel whether the illusion of my passion has come into her feeling in that planted love?

I keep watching. She always loves me as the moonlight night. It is raining outside and a slow breeze is entering the windows.Everything is invisible. I could see no light in people’s houses. I opened the letter and read, ‘I can give you love by heart with the help of which we can survive. It is compulsory need to accept some one’s help to lead a life without pain.’ The first paragraph of the letter overcasts joys in me from an opposite corner of the earth, it provides quite different pleasure to read my Mom’s letter. “Mother, I am eager to inform you. I am really happy to see the day to day growing love relationship between you and me. I thank you, my Mom for such inspiration.”

Her love has shown me the right path of life. I am counting the stars in the sky, the age I passed and am trying to compose a poem of respect, honor, and love. “Mother, I have an optimistic wish that we will stitch our hearts and minds to start a good journey of cordiality, for beauty.”

Nepali journalist and Story Writer Kamala Sarup is an editor for mediaforfreedom.com. She specialises in in-depth reporting and writing on Peace, Anti War, Women, Terrorism, Democracy, and Development.