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Nepali journalist and Story Writer Kamala Sarup is an editor for mediaforfreedom.com. She specialises in in-depth reporting and writing on Peace, Anti War, Women, Terrorism, Democracy, and Development.


Capitalism Or Control of Economy?

In reality, every system is a compromise. Yet it has long been understood (not by the Maoists or certain others) that there are 'red lines,' the closer one goes to either extreme.

Material Wealth Is Necessary

Nepal has always taken the long view of contributing to the well-being of the world through sharing the results of its long spiritual journey and its wisdom.
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September 1 as ‘Black Day’ For Nepal

Muslim militants-army of Ansar al-Sunnah-had killed 12 Nepali hostages on charges of helping the Americans in Iraq on 31 August 2004. Today, Nepal observed the 'Black Day'.

From My Diary ‘My Uncle was Killed By Maoists’

Today my uncle is killed by Maoists. My uncle was cheated by the killing political system. I am standing beside his dead body with a mind full of grief.

Give Justice To Bhutanese Refugees

For sixteen years, Bhutanese have been forced to leave their country and live in Nepal. No international organizations, NGOs, nor the Bhutanese government established any effective, program to protect their rights.

Threats and Democracy

Political theory holds that a sustainable democracy will engender a type of cooperation between the elected representatives of the people...
opinions of workers. Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Terrorism Contributed to Youth Unemployment

Terrorism and poverty have contributed to heightened youth unemployment. Around 200 million youth, or 18 per cent of all youth, live on less than one dollar a day...

Shining Path Offers Failed Ideology

Born in Peru Lima, Dr. Naritoma is currently in the US for an educational program. Her main objective is to fight against Shining Path Maoism through education, seminars and research.
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UN And Peace in Nepal

The UN is the international community and if all nations observed the Charter which is the supreme law of the land in every member country, there'd be no wars.
opinions of workers. Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Democracy vs Communism: Lessons from history

Whether and how fast a country can modernize itself and become rich, hence, depends not only on geography and culture, but also on the economy, polity, and of course, history of the nations.
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Risk Of Domestic Violence Against Women

Domestic violence against women or children is a more insidious threat than any other form of violence. Nobody wants to be faced with violence in their home or by their family.
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Social Transformations Reduce Conflicts

If the leaders of countries promote education and values that emphasize national and international identification, then the conflicts will diminish, in the long run.

Communism, Terrorism Or Peace?

There is no theoretical reason for communism to be associated with authoritarianism, but in fact it is and has always been that way.
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Nepal:Developing Sustainable Tourism

Nepal is home to some of the most lovely mountain scenery in the world, and is justly famous as the land where Sir Edmund Hillary conquered Mt. Everest.
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Economic Growth Important for Life

We should investe our money in companies that use it to buy plant and equipment to create additional value or we could invested in stocks, funds and bonds in domestic and foreign markets.
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Globalization and Nepal

Nepal has so much geography against it, e.g., mountains, that I don't see much hope for it taking part in globalization. War adds to the problem by wasting resources.
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Nepal Can Be Rich

In a 2001 comparison of 174 countries, Nepal ranked 150th in per capita income, a universal indicator of material wealth and living standards, since money enables people to buy at least the basic living needs...

Protecting The Rights of Women Farmers – International Women’s Day

International Women's Day is an occasion for women from all ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic and political arenas to forget their differences and join hands for common cause.

The Tangible, Economy And Democracy

Much confusion here between words and the tangibles they represent, and between Economy and Democracy.

Nepal Border and Regional Security Issues

Nepal, India border officials met yesterday and discussed increasing terrorist activities. According to the report, a joint operation will be conducted to combat terrorist activities.