King Muhammad Acuses Glamour Magazine of Stealing His Idea

Today Prophet – King Nazir Muhammad tweets that Glamour Magazine “Stole” his concept to nominate the rock star “Prince” as the most beautiful man in the world.

Muhammad released to NewsBlaze a concept proposal he says was sent to all of the major celebrity magazines back in 2014. You can view that concept proposal here

Muhammad says that the concept was changed by naming Prince the sexiest alive rather than The Most Beautiful Man. And he says this was done to avoid giving him credit and payment for the concept.

concept thief
Concept Thieves are out there!

It is likely nothing can be done because there is an unwritten law that concepts only have to be changed 10% to be used by someone other than the creator. This is unfortunate if Muhammad’s complaint is true, because Prince is a dear musician to Muhammad and the nomination was personal.

But as many people may not know, this same type of “theft” has been done to other great concept creators such as Sophia Stewart, the true creator of the Matrix Trilogy.

As none of the celebrity magazines appeared to be interested at the time, Muhammad through his newly formed religion, nominated Prince The Most Beautiful Man in The World himself.

You can view that nomination here.

So although Muhammad’s concept was changed “if indeed it was,” Muhammad still gets the credit for this profitable idea as well as the joy of nominating one of his favorite artists.

The recognition would have been nice, though. – As would the money!

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