Prince Nominated For ‘The Most Beautiful Man in The World’

I would like to thank Mr. Alan Gray for letting me use NewsBlaze to promote the nomination of one of The Religion of Power’s honored Prophets – The Rock Icon PRINCE.

R.O.P Official Statement

“We the believers feel that this nomination is long overdue, Prince has been nominated for so many other awards for his music genius but the most obvious has never been acknowledged with an award.

prince symbol
alt=”prince symbol

Yes, Prince is one of the most talented artists this world has ever witnessed, but he is also one of the most beautiful. His unique looks are just as unique as his music and I’m sure all of the ladies around the world agree with us.

Prince’s timeless sexiness and beauty is something to be marveled over and just as magazines like People nominate the most beautiful men and women, we are in the same tradition. It is shocking that this nomination has not been given to Prince before now, but sadly envy and jealousy always accompany beauty.

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Watch The YouTube Nomination by The R.O.P

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