John Kerry Acts Against U.S. Interests: Enforce The Logan Act

Over the past few months, former Obama Secretary of State, John Kerry, traveled the world, undermining president Trump. He wasn’t the only underminer. Underminer-in-Chief, Barack Obama has been doing the same thing. A raft of lower-level underminers have also been doing the rounds, poisoning the minds of people all over the world against Donald Trump.

The Logan Act prohibits private diplomacy against US interests, but the underminers think there are no consequences to their dirty work.

Undermining the U.S. government was a problem in the 18th Century, just as it is now. This law has not been prosecuted since 1852, according to research. So rabid and dangerous are the underminers, that they need to be prosecuted.

Nations ruled by Constitutions create laws to regulate the behavior of their citizens. In the USA, bills are created by the representatives of the people and the states and they are signed into law by the president. Those laws can be stuck down by the judiciary, if they violate the constitution.

Sometimes, presidents decide not to enforce existing laws. Barack Obama decided to ignore a number of laws, acting as though they did not exist. Some laws have rarely been enforced, and they should either be repealed, amended or enforced.

John Kerry, youtube screenshot.
John Kerry, youtube screenshot.

In the past month, John Kerry, Barack Obama and other U.S. citizens appear to have acted against U.S. interests, lobbying other nations. They appear to have openly undermined the position of the USA. Also, leaders of other countries visited the USA, lobbying the president to act against U.S. interests.

This is the Washington swamp at work.

Clearly, John Kerry has violated the Logan Act. The violation is so clear that even The New York Post is talking about it. But other media pretend that Stormy Daniels is a more important issue.

George Stephanopoulos would not be deflected from his Stormy Daniels obfuscation when talking to Rudi Giuliani. That tells a story about ABC and Stephanopoulos. In Australia, the national broadcaster ignored important U.S. news, going into their usual Trump-bashing mode. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation hosted swamp talking heads bashing Trump, pushing the Stormy Daniels narrative.

If a law is on the books, it should be enforced, amended or repealed, but not ignored. Ignoring a law sets a bad example and tells people their laws do not matter. When thinking about ignoring laws, many people do not see the big picture, they only see short-term. A good question to ask is “would the answer be the same if the other party was in control?”

Deep State actors are coming out of the woodwork, pushing the idea that Donald Trump is edging closer to war. These people are appearing on TV shows all over the world, making a case against the president and his administration. In many cases, these are the same people who pushed the Russia Russia Russia narrative. The same people pushing the Stormy Daniels and impeachment narratives. This is open private diplomacy against US interests.

Thankfully, these people are outing themselves. They are not to be trusted. They have someone’s interests at heart, but not the interests of Americans, or peace-loving people around the world. These talking heads already divided the U.S. population into for-Trump and against-Trump groups.

Since Donald J. Trump trounced the Deep State candidate at the 2016 election, they have worked diligently to undermine Trump at every step. Trump’s supporters have mainly been steadfast. Some wavered occasionally, tricked by Deep State actors into believing he was not with the people.

But now, there is a growing Great Awakening. Every week, more people who voted Democrat can see they were lied to and tricked. There is a growing number of black Americans seeing through attempts to keep them on the democrat plantation. While these are interesting signs, the Great Awakening is only just starting and there is a long way to go.

Nobody should expect that the whole population will switch from Democrats to Republicans. What could happen is that more voters will realize that even if they don’t like Donald Trump, he is draining the swamp. Against all odds, Trump acts in America’s interest, but the DNC and GOP do not.

Now is the time for all American citizens to really watch what is really going on, to engage critical thinking. Watch to see who is being fired from their government positions and why. Who is resigning from their political positions and why. Who is being rolled out by the media to express the constant anti-Trump narrative. Which media are clearly one-sided, hammering one side of politics and giving the other side an undeserved free pass.

None of this is easy. Working out what to believe is hard. Working out who to trust is hard. Learning that people you trusted should not have been trusted will be devastating to many. The swamp took many decades to form. It cannot be drained quickly. As it is being drained, swamp creatures work to prevent it happening.

The mainstream media is not your friend. Remain vigilant and enjoy the show.

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Bob Corker – Republican
Jeff Flake – Republican
Orrin Hatch – Republican
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Bill Shuster – Republican
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Carol Shea-Porter – Democrat
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Darrell Issa – Republican
Dave Reichert – Republican
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Dennis Ross – Republican
Edward Royce – Republican
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Jeb Hensarling – Republican
Jim Bridenstine – Republican
Joe Barton – Republican
John Delaney – Democrat
John J. Duncan, Jr. – Republican
Lamar Smith – Republican
Luis V. Gutierrez – Democrat
Lynn Jenkins – Republican
Niki Tsongas – Democrat
Paul Ryan – Republican
Rick Nolan – Democrat
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Rodney Frelinghuysen – Republican
Ruben J. Kihuen – Democrat
Ryan Costello – Republican
Sam Johnson – Republican
Sandy Levin – Democrat
Ted Poe – Republican
Thomas Rooney – Republican
Trey Gowdy – Republican

Al Franken – Democratic U.S. Senate
Blake Farenthold – Republican U.S. House
Jason Chaffetz – Republican U.S. House
John Conyers, Jr. – Democrat U.S. House
Louise Slaughter – Democrat U.S. House
Patrick Meehan – Republican U.S. House
Patrick J. Tiberi – Republican U.S. House
Thad Cochran – Republican U.S. Senate
Tim Murphy – Republican U.S. House
Trent Franks – Republican U.S. House
Xavier Becerra – Democrat Attorney General of California

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