Is Serbia’s Interfering in Internal Affairs of Independent Kosovo?

Serbia Signed an Illegal Agreement on Kosovo’s Trepca Mining!?

By virtue of the International Law it’s very clear that any country, member of the United Nations Organization legally has the right to conclude any partnership agreements or international treaties with other states be it in the bilateral or multilateral sense. This is not controversial. However incomprehensible and unacceptable is for international law and justice when a country (such is Serbia where its government authorities in Belgrade on Friday 17, 2013) have been signed an agreement with American Consortium New Generation Power of Illinois on Kosovo’s Trepca Mining ) signs an agreement with other country on behalf of the third State (such is Kosovo in this case).

Despite the economic interest of both signatories, achievement of this agreement is unacceptable to the government of Kosovo due to the fact that Serbia as a former colonial country (1912-1999) doesn’t have any legal, political and economic right to conclude any type of the contracts with other countries to exploit any asset, property or right of Kosovo because Kosovo is sovereign and independent state since February 17, 2008.

So, legally and politically it is quite clear that Serbia has no any right to interfere in Kosovo affairs (be it in politics, economy or trade, etc.) because Kosovo for 15 years is not more Serbia’s colonial plunder, but only an independent and sovereign state, which decides the fate of their own, not the former colonial Serbia which is only a neighbor state of Kosovo, neither more nor less.

Therefore, this legal argument and concrete reality should take into account Serbia’s government authorities and it’s international partners due to the fact that Kosovo isn’t more Serbia’s colony (1912-1999). Thus should have understood and signatory party of the U.S. Consortium New Generation Power (NGP) of the agreement with the Serbian side on Kosovo’s Trepca Mining.

In this case, Serbia is guilty which has misled the signatories of the New Generation Power (NGP) by signing an illegal and wrong agreement on Trepca Mining which is Kosovo’s realty not Serbia’s at all.

For this Serbia’s interfering in internal affairs of independent Kosovo, the Kosovo government and the government of Albania, immediately should react to all instances of the international community ( USA, UN, EU, etc..) because such an unprecedented unlawful act, is not only a violation of the territorial and state sovereignty of Kosovo, but also and the norms and principles of international law, the Charter of the United Nations, as well as positive international legal order.

Being that the United States have the main merits for liberation, independence, development and democratization of Kosovo, any American companies, corporations or other enterprises etc., there’s no need to conclude any agreement or contract with Serbia’s government to invest or to get any business in Kosovo, simply for the fact that Kosovo is not Serbia.

So different U.S. corporations, companies and firms should not lose time, binding wasteful and illegal contracts with the government of Serbia for Kosovo’s assets, because Serbia is a foreign country for Kosovo. This truth, already, know America, Europe and the whole world. There is nothing to hide.

In this case, New Generation Power (NGP) is not supposed to conclude any contract with Belgrade government for Trepca Mining, but directly with the Government of Kosovo. This would have been the shorter and simple way, and normal and lawful procedure of the achieving of an agreement between the New Generation Power(NGP) and Kosovo’s government.

After all, there is no need to speculate and exaggerate (facts are facts) Kosovo without America is only a drop in the sea. America’s liberator, savior and guardian of Kosovo. Therefore, all companies, firms and U.S. corporations, who are interested in the expansion of businesses in Kosovo, logical, fair and legitimate is to reach directly an agreement with the government of Kosovo, not via Serbia’s government in Belgrade, or to anyone else, because Kosovo is independent country does not belong to former colonial Serbia, in any way. Serbia after committing the genocide of its recent 1998-1999, no what to look for in Kosovo, because its wild colonial rule on Albanian Kosovo, ended on 24 March 1999, when NATO began bombing of Serbia because of its aggression and genocide in Kosovo (1989-1999).

Mehdi Hyseni Ph.D.
Mehdi Hyseni is an Albanian Ph.D. in International Political Relations, residing in Boston.