Is Our Society Losing The Ability to Administer Self Discipline?

It is apparent in this society of the 21st century that people have lost the most important aspect of intelligence.

Intelligence is defined as the ability to solve problems or just to figure out something which is the ability to learn. After the learning comes the application of the knowledge to make life more enjoyable.

When serving in the Marine Corps I finally got it, this basic idea, what the Corps was trying to develop; they turned boys into men, it means even a private has to think for himself. No one can think for you and only you are able to understand how you have to act and live to be part of the society around you.

Discipline is not just to say yes sir or no sir but to be in control of every aspect of your life to become the best person you can become.

A Marine is to be all man and not half boy or half stupid. I remember marching hours upon hours doing drills till my legs were numb. The drill sergeant kept telling everyone, we will stop when you get it right, girls. What he was saying was, boys think about every step you take until it becomes your nature then your brain is free to see what is coming.

What he was asking was, that everything we do, we must know where we are and what we are doing and what could happen next. We make decisions everyday and those decisions have an effect upon our lives each and every day. Know who you are and what you are capable of doing and try harder to be better. Keep the mind free of unnecessary thinking. Concentrate on the task at hand and think positive not negatively.

Why Do We Think Negatively?

Rebellion is unnecessary thinking and is an empty can and gets a person nowhere. All it can do is dish out pain and suffering. If you don’t want to do something but have no choice, go ahead and learn how to do it and be the best you can be… Rebellion is resistance to authority, an act against law and order. General orders in the Marine Corps were just that general orders. Learn them and be safe.

General Orders For Life, Think Before You Act

We have general orders in every society. Driving laws, basic respect for others, laws against stealing, larceny, robbery, murder and the list continues for pages… Obey the Laws is important for every American to be a good respectful citizen and is not an easy task and takes self discipline.

Our society is losing the ability to administer self discipline. We don’t teach the basics of being good citizens in school and in our homes anymore. Our children grow up not caring about society, or civility and how to get along with others, we don’t teach it or live it… People in this Day and Age don’t have the ability to take control of their lives. They don’t know how to Say No to themselves and mean it.

Parents Are An Example – Good or Bad

In fighting a battle in war, life can be ended in seconds. If the guy next to you was the sergeant and you are next in charge and he is hit, now you become the one who has to give the orders. Would you ever ask a fellow Marine to do something dangerous if you wouldn’t do yourself? Of course not any good person would place a person into danger if he wasn’t willing to do it himself.

If you are not living correct principles of life, how can you ever ask a child or loved one to do something you don’t or won’t do? What we say and what we do must be exactly who we are because we must be willing to live our lives as we wish others to live. Don’t expect someone to be better than you. Be the best you can be and demand only from others what you are willing to live and give.

Believe In Doing Right Not Wrong

Life and freedom is living as you believe and ask others to live up to their best. If we as adults don’t set the proper example then how will our children ever learn? Be true in act and in principle, believe and live in doing what is right.

Robert D. Ashford
Robert D. Ashford was a Marine during the cold war and is now retired, after 50 years of construction management. He is a keen genealogist and loves humor. He watches the political horizons and likes to write commentary on what's next.