Is The Bible Authentic in Every Detail?

We learned from the Egyptians that writing had a basic reason for them to expand their language into writing and it was not for their every day affairs or successful business ventures. It was for the purpose of writing to record the divine words. This was the purpose for writing, it was to record their dealing of God with men.

Humans have limitations to express their thoughts and ideas onto a page, to communicate with others. But now in this day it is so common to read and communicate with others. Science believes writing began about 5000 years ago.

If that is true then who wrote for Adam and Eve, Noah, Enoch, Abraham, and many other people who lived thousands of years ago. Today we are finding religious manuscripts of various civilizations that lived long ago and left writings testifying of God and his works.

Our language (English) is profound and difficult to understand at times. In this nation we have several versions of the English language. If you have ever lived in the Southern States you know exactly what I am trying to say. Westerners also have separate versions of the English and of scours we have immigrants who have lived in our nation and have not conquered the language and they have their way of expressing the language.

But this article is about writing and not language as spoken in many ways throughout the world. This article is for those who might think or do think about God and his works on earth… There are writings from long ago that tell of God and his dealing with mankind.

Those writings deal with the beginning period of the human race as we know of it today. Adam and Eve were the father and mother of our population on earth. They kept records of their lives and experiences with the Father of mankind.

The Book of Adam exists and it may or may not be authentic in every detail. It maybe a faded copy or even rewritten but it shows that Adam did write because it shows people believed he wrote. References to the Book of Adam tell us it did exist and probably much of the translation maybe correct but it is also not complete.

Other books from the apocryphal writing also indicate people understand that a life history of people not in the Bible was written and those people did exist but why were they omitted.

There are many even hundreds of writings coming forth. Some maybe false but what are they based upon? Some maybe authentic and tell the real story. I have read some of these books and found some to my understanding are most likely correct. Others that claim to be real are to this reader are fake.

The book of Breathings or Death are very good examples of what could easily be truth. The Dead Sea Scrolls contain much more than just words but knowledge about their religious before and after Christ came… They speak of Jesus Christ, of the washings and anointing, even mentioning washing another’s feet.

The Bible is a Book that tells of the dealings of God with his children on earth. Not every story of his dealing is contained in the Bible and much was with held for various reasons. Those reasons are selfish, doctrines that men desire rather than the doctrines God has ordained to be accomplished.

One very importabt part of the bible that has never been seen is the forty days the Lord Jesus Christ spent with his Apostles after his resurrection, teaching them the Doctrines of obtaining Eternal life.

The Apocrypha and the Gnostics’ tell some truths of the Doctrine of the Saving Ordinances of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and it is not just to believe that will save souls but includes action and sacrifice of time, love and sharing His Gospel with Every Soul that has ever lived or will live upon the earth, before He returns.

The sales men of this modern day are those who sell Eternal Life cheap. They declare all that is needed is a witness of Jesus Christ and you are saved. If that is true, why did the Apostles and many members of Christ’s early church were killed defending their testimonies? Why are we any better than those early Christians?

Maybe they had more knowledge about the saving ordinances and died to protect the truth. Maybe there is more to being a Christian than just to have a testimony or just to believe in Christ. Maybe Eternal Life requires eternal covenants that can only be administered in God’s House and remain with the holder as their witness.

Robert D. Ashford was a Marine during the cold war and is now retired, after 50 years of construction management. He is a keen genealogist and loves humor. He watches the political horizons and likes to write commentary on what’s next.