How to Take Care of Your Wooden Furniture

Wooden furniture is beautiful, but you have to take care of it right if you want it to maintain its beauty. It doesn’t take a ton of hard work. Performing some simple cleaning and maintenance will ensure that your wood furniture stays in great condition. If you take care of it right, it will last longer than you do. Here is a smart guide to taking care of your wooden furniture from

1. Clean Your Wooden Furniture

One of the most important parts of taking care of your wooden furniture is to clean it regularly. You don’t have to get fancy to keep your furniture clean. All you need to do is to mix mild dish soap with some warm water to have an ideal cleaning solution for wood. Use a soft cloth to wipe the furniture clean. If you have trouble reaching an area, use a toothbrush. Make sure that you dry the wood thoroughly after you clean it. With proper cleaning, your wooden furniture will always look beautiful.

2. Wax It

The best way to ensure your furniture keeps a beautiful finish through the decades is to make sure to wax it. You want to make sure to wax your furniture every six months so that it remains protected. Be sure to use a high-quality soft paste wax. You will need to apply one coat, wait five minutes and then buff the wood with a soft cloth. You then need to wait an hour and repeat. With two coats of wax, your wood will have a gorgeous finish that shines for months.

3. Wood and the Sun Don’t Mix

Something that many furniture owners fail to think about is how much damage the sun does to wood. The UV radiation in sunlight will break down the wood over time. Even if your windows are designed to filter out harmful UV radiation, you need to make sure that your furniture is not exposed to too much direct sunlight. The heat from the sun will heat the wood up tremendously, drying it out and leading to cracks over time.

4. Humidify Your Home

Just as your skin dries out during the long winter months when it is exposed to constantly recirculated air heated by the furnace, your wooden furniture will take a beating from the hot, dry air pumped out by the HVAC system in your home. To help your skin and your wood furniture in good condition during the winter, you should use humidifiers in your home to keep the air from drying out too much.

5. Varnish and Lacquer

To give your wooden furniture the greatest possible protection, you should coat it with lacquer, varnish or polyurethane. Any kind of sealant you apply will protect your furniture from damage and keep it looking great.

It is not difficult to care for your wood furniture. If you use these five tips, your wooden furniture will last a lifetime. With this easy cleaning and maintenance routine, wood will always look good.

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