How Could Katie Wilkins Die of Natural Causes When Her BMW Was Stolen?

How could a 25-year-old graphic designer, Katie Wilkins, die of natural causes? Katie Wilkins was found dead by her brother Saturday night, lying on the garage floor of her parents Malibu home (at 23400 Moon Shadow Drive). An autopsy doesn’t point to foul play, but toxicology testing may expose the true cause of death, which could still be homicide. The circumstances of Katie’s puzzling death indicate she had some company at the comfortable, secluded Malibu home of her parents (Rob and Diane Wilkins).

katie wilkins

The Brother, Steve Wilkins, who found her, noticed the house was locked, but the dog had gotten out. One other thing, which is very big. Katie’s car was missing. Katie has a 1998 silver BMW Z3, with a license plate number of 4AMN588. Someone took it. Or better stated, someone has stolen it from Katie’s Malibu home. This is very odd, if Katie seemingly died of natural causes (an improbability by most accounts). This would mean, that our mystery person splits the scene when so shocked by finding her dead; rapidly hightails it out of there, thinking he or she might be implicated in a murder!

As tall a tale as this would seem to suggest, it’s simply inconceivable that a second party wasn’t present with Katie Wilkins last Saturday. Clues as to her activities point in the direction of ordinary domestic behavior, involving cooking and laundry. That is, we hear of an impending Barbecue, scheduled for the very next day, which would be last Sunday. Some brownies had been made and a load of laundry was in the washer. Or maybe it had already made it to the dryer by then, don’t know?

If Katie was functioning perfectly doing these ordinary household chores, then when and how does she become very sick? I haven’t heard of her having any type of condition or chronic illness. We hear rather she was in good health, and had only recently graduated with her bachelor’s degree in graphic design from the Art Institute of California. Did Katie take some kind of drug last Saturday? I can’t think of anything else it could be? Come to think of it, if this second party is responsible for giving her some bad drugs, this would better explain the stealing of her BMW.

Something’s not right here. Something’s very out of place. Whoever is driving her BMW will have to abandon it very quickly, since pictures of it are plastered all over the news with the exact license plate number. This is what’s making me think this was staged. Perhaps our second party was a friend of Katie’s, who accidentally gave her a lethal dose of drugs, then he or she knows they are in big trouble! Therefore, they steal the car to make it look like a home invasion/homicide, and ultimately a robbery to boot.

katie wilkins home

Quick thinking on the part of this culprit. Is that a hair brained theory? How did Ms Wilkins’ vehicle disappear? A normal person would have called 911 and tried desperately to help a stricken young woman. If, on the other hand, this person was partially responsible for Katie ODing, then they would want to get away and deflect the heat before it’s too late. But if this person had been moving some illicit drugs, then there’s probably others, such as friends of Katie, who are aware of what this dealer is up to.

And then we hear of some city politics on the part of Malibu. The city doesn’t want to have a first homicide for 2012, so they want to say it can be ruled out as a death resulting from foul play. Yet other factors rule out the ruling out. The sumptuous Malibu home is broadcast on the news as a crime scene, with the customary yellow tape wound about the house facade. Signs of foul play are present, yet they’re subtle, not as obvious as is customarily seen.

Katie Wilkins’ Death In Malibu Home Is Mystery To Family And Police (UPDATE, VIDEOS)