Good Decisions Make a Free Society

We live in what is known to the world as a free society. This seems to many people to be an oxymoron because the older this society gets, the less we have of true freedom.

What is happening to our free society?

Freedoms are lost because of several important elements. One is that the good people do have a good effect on others but the bad people affect others only in the opposite way. I have listened to people say in our free society, whatever they do with their lives, if it’s bad it hurts only them, so why should people care what they do.

This basic fact exists, no one can do anything good or bad that doesn’t affect others in that person’s family or in this free society.

Agency is Power

One truth or example of this is pornography and its effect upon our society. It is estimated that over 500 homes or marriages are destroyed every year because of Pornography. To be honest, this number may be to too small … It is also estimated that addiction to drugs or alcohol leads to 200 to 300 hundred divorces every year.

Where are we going as a nation and what happens to the families that suffer because of these destroying factors? In ten years the ripple will affect over 30,000 people, and over 4 generations, this ripple effect will reach into the millions.

When people refuse to watch Pornography and use drugs it will vanish.

Many times, I see the effect of drugs and pornography in our society. I know every person has agency and they are free to choose the direction they want to travel in life. If they could see the aftereffects of drugs on those who are addicted or the serious problems that can and do develop with the use of pornography, maybe it possibly could change their mind or the course they may be headed toward.

When people refuse to take drugs our society will be improved and people will be free.

Every bad decision a person makes to follow after drugs, sexual immorality and crime, those decisions lend to the destruction of this nations freedoms. Billions of dollars are spent to fight crime, drugs and the healing of those who are addicted, and divorce which in most cases breaks up the family and creates a ripple force that may last for generations of future husband and wife.

Role Of Government

Governments cannot interfere into family life. They must strengthen the family and that will help strengthen our society.

The family is our basic unit of this free society and it is being torn apart. Adults who are parents are not acting like adults. Parents are for the most part ignoring the duties of being good solid parents.

They leave it up to schools, day care centers or pre-school to teach the basics ingredients of a good citizen or the responsibility required to live in this society of free people.

This society is a reflection of our basic ingredient which is the family unit. Recently, governments have passed laws that disgrace marriage between a man and a women, who are the foundation of the basic unit (family), not same sex marriages.

Know the Truth and the Truth Will Set You Free

Any person who wants to be free or that is free must take on these rules of agency. These rules apply to every person who is born into this life. We are free to choose every day how we live, think, feel, or accomplish. Agency is the power one has to make good or bad choices. Good choices lead to good things. Bad choices lead to bad things. Sorrow, depression, envy, and inner strife, follow after bad choices.

Never seek – evil avoid what you know is bad or wrong. Seek wisdom throughout your lifetime. Wisdom leads to study and you will harvest knowledge that will make life more meaningful. Seek after good books – read and study every day. Read, study and ponder the meaning of life and why you are here on earth at this time and in the place where you live.

Don’t Listen to Those Who Say There Is No God

He will help guide you to a path where you can walk with others who too have been on the same path you walked alone and frightened.

Follow your heart when you know you are right. When in doubt, study it out and the doubt will disappear. Truth will seek those who seek after truth. Never allow fear to enter your heart and mind unless you sense danger.

Pay attention to the inner being or spirit which functions easily when you are on the right path of your life. This inner spirit will also warn those who face a choice of good or evil, not with a shout, but a still small voice. Seek this still small voice – it is you inner spirit speaking to you and it will tell you to avoid evil or bad things.

If we would just Search, Seek, Ponder, Pray we would find truth and the right path to follow in life and happiness follows when good decisions are made.

Robert D. Ashford
Robert D. Ashford was a Marine during the cold war and is now retired, after 50 years of construction management. He is a keen genealogist and loves humor. He watches the political horizons and likes to write commentary on what's next.