Foreign Conspiracy Crosses Limit in Nepal

States move on the basis of political analysis. Political analysis shows the right path by pinpointing the good and bad issues within any political system. But in the context of Nepal, it is very unfortunate that whenever Nepal wants to move independently, foreign political force is always a hindrance. Foreign Aid for Nepal itself is the main cause of the widespread corruption and foreign intervention. If Nepal would be free from the foreign intervention and corruption, we would see a developed and peaceful country.

Before 1950, the nation was in the shackles of the dictatorial Rana-regime. After 1950, when the nation enjoyed an open political environment, foreigners – particularly Indians, openly entered Nepal to carry out their conspiratorial activities.

That’s why Democracy could not gain stability. In 1960, King Mahendra had to take over, due to danger looming, over the country’s nationality. During the 1961 China-India War, the Indian army established its camp at Kalapani in Mahakali, Western Nepal.

To spoil the image of King Mahendra, some biased people say that it was the King who allowed the Indian army to stay at Kalapani. No Survey had been carried out until 1964. The situation was such that we could only rely on maps developed by foreigners. The Indian Army clarifies by saying that they had not gone beyond the Mahakali River. It was revealed later that the Indian Army had been camping on the Nepalese side of the Mahakali River in Kalapani by making up a fake Mahakali River.

The Nepalese people have been openly talking about this issue and even a political party (Maoist) has raised its voice against the injustice of encroachment led by the Indians. We should all support this campaign. We are confident that the Maoist party will not bow before a foreign God anymore.

It is not a common thing that the Maoist party has raised a finger against Indian intervention, border encroachment and Sugauli Treaty insolently imposed by the East India Company and demanded the Nepali territory from Tista in the East to Kangada in the West.

Just after the establishment of democracy in Nepal – 1950, national poet Madhav Ghimire wrote a national poem stating the greater territory of the country and our pride. ‘We had reached East to Tista – West to fort of Kangada, to which imperialistic power where we surrendered?’

Let it be noted that Yogi Naraharinath (great historical researcher) said, “Sugauli Treaty – 1816 is fake.” He had filed a written petition at the Supreme Court (SC) demanding that the territory, Nepal’s lost-land, should be returned. The SC dismissed the petition without discussion.

I have been writing in many newspapers that India should return the territory from Tista to Kangada with dignity. For national awareness, I named my daughter Tista, and she is now a scientist in Ronast and my son Kangada is a geologist working in hydro-power. For 20 years, Phadindra Nepal has been fighting to return our lost-land. The efforts of Phanindra Nepal are also praiseworthy. My comment also was published in the Indian Express 2009 Dec 2, ‘The controversial Sugauli Treaty signed between the British East India Co and Nepal in 1816 that compelled Nepal to concede almost a third of its territory to the British colonial rulers of India.

Respectfully, I hope, cordially Indian government should return the Nepalese Land.’ Now, Maoist chairman Prachanda also has started openly speaking against the injustice of the Sugauli Treaty.

But how will this issue be resolved? Nothing will happen by pouring bitterness from our mouth only. Nationality should be from within our hearts. When the Maoist party was in power, they did not speak against foreign intervention and the wide-spread corruption. When they were in power, their activities, attitude and talks were not of one nature. People say that leadership is identified when one is in power. The Maoists were also the same, when they were in power, it a matter of grief. They didn’t show any respect towards the nation, national identity and conventional beliefs.

If the Maoists want to reach a point for a way out, they should consider the viewpoint of Chinese leader Mao Tse Tung towards Nepal, and join hands with the royal institution that had created a greater Nepal by fighting imperialist forces. The Maoist party must know that in 1950/51, during the reign of Mao Tse Tung, a Chinese force dispatched against American troops, which were deployed from South Korea to attack North Korea, were attacked by the Americans at Yalu River (China-Korea Border) and defeated the Chinese force. The reason for this was a nurse named Ms. Bannd who had come for treating Mao Tse Tung. She had been sent by Americans. She leaked the information of the number of Chinese force, where they are coming and how. Even such a decorated army of China was defeated where Mao’s son himself was killed. This was a CIA conspiracy.

Nationality and democracy will not live without adopting a strict policy of discipline. Yesterday; the King remained in discipline to provide protection to Nepal. Presently the rope of unity has been broken.

Foreign intervention is the reason for political change in this nation. History is witness to the fact that king Tribhuvan in 1950 led the nation by working with the people to establish democracy by risking his own crown and freed the nation from the Rana regime. Likewise, King Mahendra worked to unite the nation by organizing it in economic, social and cultural terms and reforming Nepalese social structure. King Birendra, without any prejudice used to contemplate that the nationalism of King Mahendra and the democratic ideology of BP Koirala should be carried together. We can still adopt the King Birendra Path as Nepal’s common policy.

Due to the Nepali Congress’s and UML’s anti-nationalist activities and corruption, the regime was handed over to King Gyanendra in 2001. The situation was such that the king had to take over power in a hurry. The Congress and UML did not support the King and instead joined hands with the Maoist rebels by the suggestion of the foreign leaders and intelligence agencies. As we already know, the state system must run on the basis of reason and result. To only blame the royal institution, taking it as the cause for all problems is nothing but treachery.

The reality is that foreigners are seeing that it is easy to destroy Nepal’s prestige and pride by taking the Bhramins into confidence. The Royal institution, a Hindu and Buddha Kingdom and the Nepalese language are the fundamentals of national unity.

Nepal’s Bhramins are the Hindu religion’s extremists. The foreigners are working with the belief that with the support of the Bhramins perched at the top of big political parties, Nepal can be transformed into a Christian state. The Bhramins – Girija, Madhab Nepal, Ramchandra Paudel, Jhalanath, Bamdev, Gautam, KP Sitoula, Prachandra, Baburam Bhattarai, Dinanath Sharma etc such culprits were used to change the nation into a secular state.

The other ethnic groups do not interfere after Bhramins are taken into confidence. The foreigners have pumped 8 to 10 Bhramin leaders in the Congress, UML and Maoist parties, who have become the contractors of democracy. So, the Bhramins are responsible for the retrogression in Nepal. Since the creation of Nepal, the foreigners have been using native brokers to instigate bloody results. CIA and RAW, intelligence agencies, have grand-designs to shatter this nation’s independence by vandalizing the statues of its great icons and thus weakening the people’s morale.

The agitators were used in the former Soviet Union to vandalize the statue of Lenin in the same pretext. Saddam Hussein’s statue was toppled in the first place in Iraq. The native traitors were mobilized to vandalize the statues of the great warrior Prithvi Narayan Shah, who had fought against British imperialist forces where America also was captured by British imperialism. This is a great treachery to the Nepalese people’s love for their nation.

Foreigners know that a solution cannot be found through strength. So foreigners devise numerous conspiracies. No one, national or foreign, has the right to compromise and attack the established norms of a nation. Hence, a patriotic force should stand up and fight against foreign conspiracy.

All nationalists should move ahead by creating coordination relationships between nationality, the royal institution and democracy.