Democrats Win Debt Ceiling Increase With Dirty Trick, Obama Shows No Leadersip

Do you remember the story of Nero and how Rome burned? It was a sad and stupid story. Today, we have our own sad and stupid story, but our story is not of Nero, but Obama.

I just finished reading two small articles, each of which is far more relevant than their brevity suggests.

I urge you to take just a few minutes to examine both news items. I think they will make your blood boil. Whether I am right or wrong, perhaps you would tell me what you think, in the comment box below this article. Two things really surprised me about the stories. The first thing was the brevity of each, but what was worse was the complete lack of other follow-up.

Bear in mind, as you read them, and this discussion here, that both news items came after President Obama’s “State of the Union” speech on Tuesday night.

Please read on:

Headline Number One“Senate: Government can borrow additional $1.9 trillion”

strib debt limit story
Star Tribune AP Story

This was an Associated Press story, an ugly-looking block of 228 words, that was reprinted by many of their affiliated newspapers. The Huffington Post blog did write more than the basic text that appeared like a way to bury an important item that the media didn’t want to talk about.

The Senate Democrats voted to push another $1.9 trillion of debt onto the American people – that would be you and me, and our wives, girlfriends children and grandchildren.

Yes, that sounds like a big increase, but wait for the punchline…

We are headed for a national deficit of $17.3 trillion, and because there are 316 million people in this country now – including those here illegally, every one of us will be $45,000 in debt, once that next ceiling is reached. That is every man, woman and child in the country right now.

The democrats also did themselves an extra favor, by raising the limit far enough that they wouldn’t be bothered by the need to raise it again before the midterm elections in November.

The only way democrats were able to get this bill passed was that they forced it through without waiting for the seating of Senator-elect Scott Brown of Massachusetts, a Republican, who would have voted against it.

So you can than democrats for that sleight of hand. and another imposition on us all.

Headline Number Two“Senate Democrats swiftly reject president’s call to freeze spending”

Less than 15 hours after the president promised a three-year freeze on non-defense discretionary spending, Senate Democrats voted against it.

Could it be that President Obama has lost his “leader of his party” status? Have they decided to dump him? Or possibly this was the plan they are working to? He made a promise to get the SOTU out of the was, and then democrats could tell the truth. Perhaps the democrats don’t care anymore, they just do whatever they want.

Obama’s second “State of the Union” could have been a perfect opportunity for the president, whose approval rating is ticking down by the minute, to at last show some overdue leadership, extend an olive branch to Republicans and stop the gridlock. He could have acknowledged that the major opposition needs to be acknowledged and discussed.

But is was not to be. Instead, Obama continues his “fight on” rhetoric. No mention of who or what he is fighting for. Apparently his own hidden agenda.

Looking back, I remember that after the stunning losses Democrats incurred in 1994, when they had lost both Houses of Congress, President Clinton extended an olive branch. The entire country knew he had to, but voters were impressed by his leadership. After that, the two parties started to work together on important legislation they could find agreement with, including welfare reform.

Obama is a different kind of president – his way or the highway – and that means bypassing Congress, and ruling by decree – that is by executive order.

It seems we are in for three more years of circus, a deeply divided nation, a president who doesn’t ware about the people, the hardship, the economy, the unemployed, the companies that are the engine of prosperity or anything, other than his golf.

Leadership is the ability to skillfully lead an organization, or in our case, a country – It is obvious that Obama does not possess that skill at all.

Here is the link to the Star Tribune story for headline one and the SF Examiner story for headline two.

Dwight L. Schwab Jr.
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