Crossfire War – Serbia Installs Russian Made Anti-Aircraft Missiles

Crossfire War – MOSCOW – BELGRADE – TEHRAN WATCH – Southeast Europe Theatre: Moscow – Tehran – Ankara – Athens – Belgrade – Kovoska Mitrovica/Pristina – Tirana – Vienna – Brussels – Warsaw; All Smiles at the NATO – Moscow Meeting in Oslo as Serbia Installs Russian Made Neva Anti-Aircraft Missiles Outside Belgrade

Night Watch: OSLO – While it was all smiles at the NATO-Russia meeting in Oslo, as the linked article shows, Russia Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, made a telling observation about NATO at a news conference afterward, “They are still looking for enemies.” This is why my most hateful articles are always reserved for the European governments in NATO that were willing to recognize Croatia’s swastika twisted boundary in 1991-92, with Washington eventually going along with it. The decision revealed the worst in Europe, its love of map making and all the wars and intrigues around it and it was no secret Serbia was being set up to take the blame since Serbia and the Balkans have historically been one of the favorite enemies of powerful European countries. [SERBIANNA]

Russia and Warsaw Pact countries also went along with the decision but Moscow wisely realized in 1999, after NATO’s 78-day air campaign against Serbia, that involvement was a mistake, so Russia withdrew after that year. However, they have not abandoned Belgrade with whom they have long historical relations. That is why the attached photo shows Serbia President Boris Tadic shaking hands with a Serbian army anti-aircraft missile unit stationed at the Batanjnica air base just outside Belgrade. Serbia has just installed the Russian made Neva anti-aircraft missile and President Tadic attended at the ceremony of the 250th missile brigade Thursday. Other international support for Serbia has come from Tehran, which signed a security agreement with Belgrade in January 2006, and Athens signed one with Belgrade last November. Since then a Greek military delegation went to Moscow earlier this year led by the head of the Greek First Army. [SERBIANNA]

Everyone in the Balkans hates Vienna once again, a hatred Tehran finds extremely convenient, since Iran can use it to not only keep NATO busy but to silence the investigation into its nuclear weapons program by the United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), based in Vienna. Of course, Iran is the enemy NATO should have attacked some time ago. Every terrorist attack, for more than 20 years either in West Asia (Middle East) or in Europe can be traced to Iran. Only one NATO Secretary-General, Willy Claes, of Belgium, stated publicly the threat to the West and international security is Islam. That is why he was only permitted to serve one year, 1994-95, and was removed by the arranged scandal called the Agusta Affair.

The West’s leadership has never been more in the dark than it is now, which is why for years, not only did it ignore the obvious threat and attacks from Iran but is now groping through the deceptive negotiations Tehran has been conducting for the past few years. NATO-Brussels does not even want to attack the Islamic Jihad terrorist bases Tehran-Riyadh have established in Bosnia-Herzegovina since 1992. The reason for the West’s arrogant, confused state of mind is because the Ayatollah Khomeini was in a Paris suburb when he overthrew the Shah of Iran in 1979. During his four-month stay, from Oct. 1978-Feb.1979, Khomeini was given the enormous communication assistance he needed in order to become the leader of the revolt against the Shah.

Established investment societies-institutions in the West, from the Atlantic to the Urals, did not believe Khomeini’s influence would reach beyond Central Asia. They only wanted to provide Moscow with more reasons to conduct further invasions south toward the Persian Gulf to control more of the region’s raw materials through inexpensive communist labor reducing the costs of the resources, and assumed under Khomeini, Iran would remain weak and disorganized an easy enemy. That grand design is obviously not what resulted so now Brussels-NATO are under the grand illusion they can negotiate themselves out of war with Iran-Turkey. An illusion which will defeat NATO and deservedly so.

Willard Payne is an international affairs analyst who specializes in International Relations. A graduate of Western Illinois University with a concentration in East-West Trade and East-West Industrial Cooperation, he has been providing incisive analysis to NewsBlaze. He is the author of Imagery: The Day Before.