Crossfire War – No Kosovo Agreement in London – Future Talks Meaningless

Crossfire War – RAPID FIRE NEWS=TEHRAN – TIRANA – PRISTINA WATCH – Southeast Europe Theatre: Tehran – Riyadh – Sarajevo – Tirana – Pristina/(Brussels – Vienna – Warsaw)/Kosovska Mitrovica – Belgrade – Athens – Podogrica – Banja Luka – Sofia – Moscow; No Compromise in London – Kosovo PM Ceku “At the end of the day we will do it. We will make it happen.” – OIC Condemns Israel Classifying Gaza as “Enemy Entity” – Islamic Militants Groups in Gaza Construct Barricades in Preparation for Major Invasion – Russia Continues Strategic Bomber Flights off Alaska-Canada-Greenland under NATO Escort – Iran Completes Production of Jet Fighter Azarakhsh

Night Watch: LONDON – AP reports there was no agreement in London on acknowledgement of Kosovo independence or of a timetable to that effect.

This was of course to be expected. I don’t think any of the participants, representatives of the European Union (EU), U.S. and Russia expected any peaceful agreement between the Albanian delegation from the Serbia province of Kosovo and representatives of the Serbian government in Belgrade, since the battle lines were drawn ten years ago as Albanian groups in Kosovo, led by the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) began attacks against Serbian rule as a continuation of war in the former Yugoslavia that began in 1991 right at the end of the Cold War.

Now one of the Albanian delegates is Agim Ceku called Prime Minister of Kosovo by the Albanian community, ten years ago he was one of the leaders of the KLA. He stated after the meeting, “At the end of the day we wll do it. We will make it happen.” [SERBIANNA]

Ceku may not be aware as to how heavily Belgrade has re-armed with assistance from Moscow. But perhaps more importantly, NATO-Brussels was still eager for war with Serbian ten years ago and used the Albanian – Serbian war in Kosovo to justify it, which led to NATO’s 78 day air campaign and occupation in 1999, but that is not the situation now.

The fighting ten years ago caused massive displacement of people, mostly Serbian and a lot of death, Brussels’ expectations that somehow war would not resume were completely unrealistic, especially with the impact of Tehran which established close relations with every government in the former Yugoslavia in 1992. Iran realized NATO had put itself completely out of position and can be kept occupied with wars in Southeast Europe to prevent the alliance from being any real offensive threat to Iran.

Tehran also knew as soon as Yugoslavia was divided it also divided the alliance and a lot of Europe, divisions that are still very real and a revival of European hatreds that reach back hundreds of years. Tehran favors any nation that believes it is the most victimized so today that means the Albanian government in Tirana and the Albanian community in Kosovo and their provincial capital Pristina.

In prepartation to enter this regional theatre, Tehran had one of their leading missile experts pretend to disappear into Turkey, the general is in reality a high level liaison officer between Ankara-Tehran as Iran prepares to launch some of the Shahab-3 missiles at Vienna to end the investigation of Tehran’s nuclear weapons program by the UN agency based there.

Adding fuel to this simmering fire is Veton Surroi, senior opposition leader in Kosovo’s provincial government, he stated Albanians in the province were already preparing their independent state institutions, regardless of what the negotiations accomplish and obvious they will accomplish no solution.

Vuk Jeremic, Serbia Foreign Minister observed during an interview with Al Jazeera-Engligh, “I think that right now we are in an unstable equilibrium and I think that if rumbles are made and if all of us are not careful enough, I think, we could push the Balkans back into strife and discontent.”

At the end of the London negotiations the Albanian delegation presented the officials copies of a treaty – “Kosovo and Serbia: Towards a Good Neighborhood”. It is a hateful neighborhood which reaches all across the European continent from the Atlantic to the Urals once again caught up in disputes that were the flashpoint for the First World War 1914-18.

Geneva – Reuters reports a heated three hour debate in Geneva at the United Nations Human Rights Council between Israel and delegates from Islamic countries represented by the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) whose current Ambassador is Massood Khan from Pakistan. The Islamic governments were responding to Israel’s recent classification of the Tehran-Hamas controlled Gaza Strip as an “enemy entity” and has since been cutting off power supplies to it. This is in obvious response to the continued Qassam rocket fire from Gaza that actually began in 2000 but this year it has dramatically increased, with 300 rockets fired in August, as Tehran continues to expand and intensify this year’s regional war that actually began in March due to the increased activity from Palestinian militant groups both in Gaza and the West Bank. [SWISSINFO]

Gaza – The delegates not only stated Israel’s calling Gaza an “enemy entity” was in violation of international law, but they also complained about the daily restrictions the Palestinian community lived under and the 11,000 detained Palestinian prisoners some of them members of the Palestinian Parliament. Israel Ambassador Itzhak Levanon responded by saying they were “bashing” the Jewish state while Switzerland and Western delegates criticized both Israeli restrictions and the Palestninan militants firing rockets.

In the meantime Islamic militant units in Gaza are preparing for a major Israeli invasion. They are erecting sand barriers and rigging streets with explosives. One of the militants, Abu Ahmed stated, “We have God on our side and God is greater than Israel and America. We will face them with death.” [GULFTIMES]

Tehran has prepared a brigade size Rapid Deployment Force which will be flown into the West Bank, if possible, and link up with Palestinian militant groups in an attempt to reach the Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem. This will by no means be done secretly and Tehran knows the enormous publicity will inspire more Islamic radicalism, especially in Egypt which will be used to remove President Hosni Mubarak. But some of Egypt’s military is still loyal to Mubarak and he will use them to declare war on Iranian forces in the area.

Mubarak, however is surrounded by governments in North-Northeast Africa that support the Jihad, Tripoli-Khartoum. When Mubarak declares war, Iran and other nations that support the Jihad will concentrate more of their attention on him than on Jerusalem. NATO and the West will be too busy elsewhere to help him. The European units in south Lebanon with UNIFIL will be under attack, the lost alliance of London-Washington will be under increasing attack in Iraq and fighting would have resumed in Southeast Europe.

Tehran – Escorting Tehran’s Rapid Deployment Force could be a new generation of fighters Iran’s Defense Ministry is about to unveil, the Azarakhsh (lightening) on the 22nd of this month, the anniversary of Iraq’s invasion of Iran in 1980, which started the eight year Iran/Iraq war. Washington, President Jimmy Carter, had Saddam Hussein conduct the invasion because of the hostage crisis at the U.S. Embassy in Tehran assuming the invasion would overthrow the Khomeini government. The invasion did the exact opposite, it reunited the country. Khomeini knew the religious-political coalition he led to overthrow the Shah the previous year, had fallen apart and that his government was on the verge of collaspe. That’s why Khomeini called Iraq’s invasion the “gift from Allah”. Iranian nationalists, even though they were secular, supported Khomeini, including Iran’s military leadership and Iranian nationalism became one with Islamic fundamentalism, a unity that remains to this day. [RIA]

Tehran – AKI reports Osama Bin Laden has just called for a revolt against Pakistan President General Pervez Musharraf. Bin Laden is Tehran’s video decoy and is using this call to eliminate undisciplined Islamic extremists no Islamic government has any use for. President Musharraf has excellent security forces to work with so I suspect attacks against unstable radical elements will be increased. [AKI]

Tehran – A more serious warning from Tehran has just been issued through Al-Qadea from its no. 2 video presence Ayman al-Zawahiri. AKI reports he is calling for the “cleansing” of North Africa of the presence of the West mostly represented by Spain and France. [AKI]

Tehran – Sometimes international news is hilarious especially efforts to promote national leaders. AKI reports a research center, connected to Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has just released a 15 page document that describes the President as the “Socrates of the Third Millennium”. This reminds me that Iran’s national bird is the peacock. [AKI]

Artic Pole – RIA reports two strategic Russian bombers, Tu-95MS Bear H, conducted command and post exercises along the Alaska-Canadian coast. Alexander Drobyshevksy, aide to Russia’s air force commander stated, “Each Tu-95 plane took about 30 tons of fuel onboard for the first time since the Soviet era. Their average flight duration was about 17 hours, during which the planes covered a distance of over 13,000 kms (8,000 miles).”

Russia and the West are using these flights to familiarize themselves for joint operations with Iran. At the center of this Allied cooperation is former U.S. Secretary of State Dr. Henry Kissinger who arrived in Moscow late April to co-chair a strategic working group with former Russia Premier Yegeny Primakov. [RIA]

Two other Russian bombers, of the same type, conducted similar operations near Greenland under escort by NATO aircraft.

Willard Payne is an international affairs analyst who specializes in International Relations. A graduate of Western Illinois University with a concentration in East-West Trade and East-West Industrial Cooperation, he has been providing incisive analysis to NewsBlaze. He is the author of Imagery: The Day Before.