Crossfire War – The Last Page

This is the last page of the article Crossfire War-Egypt after Nasser: Confronting Iran and the Jihad

.It is understandable to wonder why the West and Russia have not been more attentive over the years as Iran and other Islamic countries were making and preparing, very meticulously and obviously, for all out war against them. The reason could revolve around the Crown Jewels of Iran which date back centuries, some even perhaps to the first Persian Empire, by far the most impressive jewel collection in the world only a third of which has been seen by outsiders.

In the early 1960’s the Shah commissioned the French jewelry House of Boucheron, Fred and Gerard to set up the treasury museum in the underground vaults of the Bank Markazi Iran (The Central Bank of Iran). During the 1930’s they were housed by Bank Melli. The most intriguing of all the known gems is perhaps the Daryai-Nur, the sister stone to the Khui-Nur in the British Crown jewels, but it is even larger and more beautiful. It is not entirely known how the Khui-Nur came into the possession of the British but I suspect as a gift for services rendered. Some of the services could have been military. Some experts believe that the two diamonds along with the Orloff (in the Russian Crown Jewels) and another nameless stone were all part of one enormous diamond.

I have long suspected that because of such possessions it obliges societies that have them to cooperate. The Anglo-Persian Committee of Understanding in Britain would be very well aware of such hereditary arrangements. Britain never had an embargo against Iran despite its revolution and its grand design since then and Russia is still sending industrial assistance to Iran’s nuclear program.

This is a very strange, occult level of decision making which is no stranger to Yale Skull & Bones, the American branch of the Bavaria’s Cult of the Order or for those who follow the dictates of Masonry’s Duncan’s Ritual. For the sake of ones sanity, one should never be impressed by or in service to it. Even those who own such arrangements do not really benefit. There is nothing like an established prison with bars of paranoia and fear even if the bars and walls are made of jewels. Prestigious meanderings are not to be envied. However, as you can tell from this article and website they are no means by themselves.

Fortunately, not all bombs and missiles are going to work. Some will miss, others will be duds. Nothing works as well as advertised. When Tehran realizes they cannot defeat Russia they will make a deal with Moscow which will end at least most of the fighting. They would have acknowledged that the Jihad had run its course and has accomplished enough. The remainder of the Islamic world could have realized it sooner and would have begun to restore relations with the outside world.

I must mention that I am deeply indebted to certain sources of information without which the article could not have been composed. The Economist, Financial Times, The New York Times, Britannica Encyclopedia Yearbook, Mary B. Leigh-Hunt of Town & Country Magazine October 1980 issue, European Internet, AOL World News, which has Reuters/AP and especially to editor Amir Taheri who wrote the definitive work on the recent events in Iran, “The Spirit of Allah-Khomeini and the Islamic Revolution”. The book was published in 1985 and at I believe he wrote it in exile here in the U.S. He had been the editor of one of Tehran’s leading newspapers. I have no idea if he is still alive and sadly, his tremendous work is out of print, though I do believe some copies are available through Amazon and the book he wrote in 1988 whose title escapes me.

I am also eternally indebted to the absolute source of reassurance, the Bible, which discusses, in detail, this war in 2 chapters of the Book of Daniel 8 and 11. The book was written during the transition from the Babylonian Captivity to the beginnings of the first Persian Empire.

Willard Payne is an international affairs analyst who specializes in International Relations. A graduate of Western Illinois University with a concentration in East-West Trade and East-West Industrial Cooperation, he has been providing incisive analysis to NewsBlaze. He is the author of Imagery: The Day Before.