Crossfire War: Kosovo PM Expects State of Independence by June 2006

Crossfire War – TEHRAN WATCH -Southeast Europe Theatre: Pristina/- (Tehran) -/Belgrade; End of a Grand Illusion – Kosovo PM Expects State of Independence by June 2006 – War of the European Enlargement

Night Watch: PRISTINA – A Grand Illusion is about to end and in this case with more fighting than the conflict that ended the New World Order. Kosovo then Prime Minister Bajram Kosumi stated, earlier this year, that he expects Kosovo to become independent by June 2006. “For us it is important that in June 2006 we should make Kosovo a state. I am convinced we should do that.” I don’t think his expectations have changed any since the beginning of the year and I suspect every armed Albanian group also expects the same even without the EU/UN/NATO’s approval. [EurActiv]

Since then he seems to have been replaced by Agim Ceku, who likes to be photographed in uniform. Today Prime Minister Ceku told a Sofia television station that a UN Security Council resolution will declare Kosovo independent by the end of the year but Ceku may just be playing the diplomat. Ceku may know that fighting will resume in May to take advantage of the international arms support they have been receiving from Islamic governments.

The position of Serbia President Boris Tadic is just as entrenched. He has always refused to accept or sign what he called an “imposed position” as if he anticipates the negotiations in Vienna going against Belgrade.

In the meantime waiting in the wings is Tehran, who has armed Albanian units and in January signed a security agreement with Serbia. Iran knows that it will be mostly NATO and the EU caught in the crossfire of what I am calling the War of the European Enlargement. Perhaps the most ridiculous, most unbelievable decision I have ever witnessed was the agreement to divide Yugoslavia. It was a classic example of the evil with a clown face mentality. I actually thought Europe had gotten tired of map making. Societies obviously retain their character. And Washington allowed itself to be Yanked into it.

These endless rounds of negotations and referendums was intended to lead to EU enlargment, incorporating the states that emerged out of the divided Yugoslavia into the European Community. The EU will have to incorporate the war instead and Iran’s obvious involvement as Tehran continues to prepare its Avenue of Invasion. The Council of Guardians in Tehran are privately thanking the West for creating this other front.

When the war finally ends whatever flags are left flying will withdraw into further darkness-militarism. The leading lights that established progressive European institutions, that broke down a lot of barriers after World War II, were extinguished quite some time ago. What they represented and accomplished died with them.

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