Crossfire War: Iran Achieves Understanding with Greece

Crossfire War – TEHRAN WATCH – Eurasia Theatre: Athens – Tehran; Iran Achieves Understanding with Greece as Opposed to the West

Night Watch: ATHENS – Iran Ambassador to Athens Mehdi Mohtashami stated at a press conference that Greece had given Iran indications of being very supportive of Iran’s positions on its nuclear program. The reason for Tehran finding such a supportive and sympathetic audience with the Greek establishment is due to the Balkan wars from 1991-2001 and are likely to resume at any moment. [China View]

Greece never agreed with the 78-day bombing campaign against Serbia since their two populations follow the same religious Orthodox ritual. Last summer, in further indications that the West had lost Greece, was when the news reported Athens-Ankara had joint military maneuvers in Kosovo. The air campaign defeated any chance of serious military cooperation between Brussels, NATO headquarters, with Athens and reinforced Greece’s regional identity with the Balkans, including their historical enemy, Turkey.

That is why at the informal, but deadly serious NATO meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria of the alliance’s foreign ministers, Greece Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyannis was looking uncomfortable and contemptuous of the other NATO representatives since they represent a military occupation in her nation’s region that Athens sees no real purpose for, except perhaps to show NATO off.

The only exception, to Bakoyannis’ contempt, was Turkey Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul, who was warmly greeted by her. She stated that the two will meet regularly and often to resolve any disputes that are left between their two countries, which 10 years ago, came close to war over unihabited islands in the Aegean Sea. NATO’s occupation of the Balkans has ended the differences and has placed them within Tehran’s sphere of influence.

Athens has probably become the most frank dialogue center of the war. Bakoyannis will make no secret as to why she and Athens are giving priority to the view from Tehran and Ankara. The Bussels-Vienna led occupation is no longer desired. Athens may engage in a friendly competition with Tehran and Ankara as to whose military units will reach Vienna first. I don’t think they will get as far as Brussels. They won’t have to reach that far in order to defeat NATO.

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