Crossfire War – Kashmir – Militants Kill Officer – Assassinate Political Leader

Crossfire War – TEHRAN WATCH – South Asia Theatre: Tehran – Kabul – Kashgar – Riyadh – Dhaka – Islamabad/Delhi; Islamic Militant Group in Kashmir Kill Police Officer and Assassinate Political Leader

Night Watch: SRINAGAR – Just one month ago both China and Saudi Arabia were holding maneuvers in Pakistan. Riyadh conducted them in the eastern Punjab and in Beijing’s case just 50 miles west of the Kashmir border. Beijing may have been acting through Kashgar, one of China’s many strategic regional military command headquarters. Kashgar is less than 200 miles from Pakistan’s border. It is part of the massive preparation countries are making in anticipation of the fourth war on the subcontinent in support of Islamabad. They all have designs, economic designs on at least northern India. Islamabad, and the many capitals, which support them, will go as far south as their offensives take them. I suspect what the Axis has in mind is the establishment of Islamic buffer states between India/Pakistan that will be heavily armed which will enable them to defeat any future attempts by India to reconquer lost territory. [IRNA]

In the meantime, the vanguard of the fourth war is still extremely active. Lashkar – e – Tayyaba (LeT), the most powerful of the Islamic Kashmir militant organizations killed a police officer and assassinated a political leader of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). He may have been targeted since some Islamic political groups attempt to work with Delhi and its occupying forces in the province. The LeT also staged a grenade attack on an Indian Rashitriya Rifles (RR) patrol but the grenade missed and wounded 26 people. All of this action was in south Kashmir not far from the provincial capital of Srinagar.

The LeT and other militant units are attempting force Delhi to use its policy of “hot pursuit”. If attacks reach a certain level and intensity, either from Pakistan, through Kashmir, or from Islamic Jihad militant units across Bangladesh’s border with India, then Delhi will have no other choice but to attack the militant training camps in both countries, igniting the fourth war and the use of the combatant’s nuclear-ballistic missile arsenal. India will also be heavily engaged in its northeastern province Arunachal Pradesh since Beijing’s Ambassador to Delhi stated in an interview recently the province is Chinese territory. Arunachal Pradesh was the scene of heavy fighting between China/India when China attacked India through the province in October 1962.

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