Crossfire War – British Withdraw from Palace Base Near Basra

Crossfire War – London – Washington Watch – West Asia Theatre: London – Washington/Basra – Baghdad – Tehran – Riyadh – Damascus – Ankara – Amman; As British Forces Withdraw from Basra Palace Base – Anglo-American Alliance Begins to Blame Each Other for Defeat Instead of Blaming Established Corporate Services that Sold the Foreign Policy to Tehran-Riyadh through Engineering Base Construction Services

Night Watch: BASRA – Last month General Jack Keane, former Vice-Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army said there was “frustration” in Washington over the deteriorating security situation in and around Basra where the British forces had been concentrated since Saddam’s overthrow four years ago as London-Washington blindly assumed the occupation of Iraq would not only be easy but extremely profitable for the corporate-industrial services that supply and arm the military with everything from pencils to weaponry.

That is why the corporate sponsor of Vice-President Dick Cheney, Halliburton’s operation in Iraq, was so corrupt even the Pentagon had to investigate them. Now as the British announced their withdrawal from the Basra Palace base, which had been under daily attack from Shi’ite militia groups armed by Iran, the new British commanding general Sir Michael Jackson expressed his frustration with the Bush Administration due to the mistakes Washington made.

Of course the mistakes are legion, but what Sir Michael dare not say publicly is the greatest mistakes were made by the established society in both the United Kingdom and United States which sold their foreign policy to Tehran-Riyadh quite some time ago. That was the case ever since engineering services in both countries constructed massive networks of military bases and underground commmand complexes first for Saudi Arabia during the 1980s then for Iran after the Gulf War 1990-91 and that is the real reason the coalition was ordered to halt outside Baghdad and leave Saddam there.

When construction of the bases were completed Saddam’s government was then removed, though Saddam himself had been in Yemen since 2000. Early in 2000 Reuters mentioned Saddam Hussein was invited to visit Yemen. [ALJAZEERA]

Regular readers of know one of my most consistent themes has been the announcement over CNN that showed the London branch office of the engineering service headquarted in San Francisco invited to Iran the day after the Gulf War ended. Former U.S. Secretary of State Dr. Henry Kissinger warned, when he was on the Sunday morning news show This Week as the Gulf War was ending, he was worried about a deal which could cause a worse war a few years later.

Kissinger is no fool, he knew exactly what his established contacts had done, sold the foreign policy to Tehran. The engineering concern went through London to avoid Washington’s economic embargo against Iran, which means London is more corrupt than even Washington and knowing Washington that is really saying something. But of course Sir Michael and members of the Congress and Parliament don’t even consider blaming the industrial serivces that control government which is why leaders and representatives of established society and the established society itself operate under mental blocks, which have probably been in place since childhood.

Decision making in the dark, blocking out their leadership role in the foreign policy disaster and their well paid service to the enemy. They are not even inclined to think about yesterday’s news, or any news, just the current crisis, saving themselves and passing the blame which they will do until their dying day and since World War III is about to become (f)allout their dying day is near.

Tehran’s sense of service is exclusive. Iran does not want its employees serving the Allied war effort which is why the servile engineering service invited to Iran has lost more than fifty employees in Iraq. Those who have helped Iran will need the best private security service money can buy.

The attack option on Iran, President George W. Bush bragged about, was never anything real since due to mental blocks, London-Washington and all their intelligence -parlimentary-congressional investigation committees along with established news networks convinced themselves Bin Laden can arrange flight school training.

One of the main reasons Bin Laden is blamed and searched for is because London-Washington-Europe were not looking for World War III when they sent the Ayatollah Khomeini back to Tehran from Paris where he had received the communication assistance he required in order to become the leader of the revolt against the Shah of Iran.

Industrial-investment services concentrated on Boulevard Haussmann and other finanical centers in the West only wanted Khomeini to cause disturbances in Central Asia where Khomeini and Iranians are from which is why almost never do Iranians and Arab people work together. Conflict in Central Asia, caused by the new Khomeini government, would justify Moscow attacking and invading Iran, controlling the country’s oil through inexpensive communist labor reducing the cost of the oil exported to the West.

But Arab governments have hated the West for its constant attempts to maniuplate the region so they agreed with Khomeini’s regional-international policy-war-Jihad against the world around them especially against the West and India in support of Pakistan and the Muslims in Kashmir. War against Israel will be used as a show of support for Palestinian people and every Islamic head of state closely cooperating with the West should be removed.

The H2 air base, in western Iraq where President Bush visited today, is one of the main targets of Tehran. Recently Iran unveiled its new guided bomb with a 2,000 lb warhead and Tehran does not want to see the lost alliance of London-Washington deploy their units Iraq in other regional theatres: Southeast Europe-Caucasus-South Asia or assisting Egypt President Hosni Mubarak, the last Islamic leader with military relations with the West.

Tehran wants the occupying forces to come under massive attack and by more than just militias and al-Qaeda, those operations were just preparation for this year’s offensive by Tehran, what Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stated recently was “filling the vacuum” left by London-Washington. An example of that were members of the Mahdi Army cheering the British withdrawal.

Iraq Lieutenant-General Mohan al-Fireji stated, “We told those militias who were fighting the British troops that the Iraqi forces are now in the palace.” British Prime Minister Gordon Brown announced, “This is a pre-planned and organized move from Basra Palace to Basra air station.” Brown added from the air base the British will then assume what he termed an “overwatch role.”

One of the Mahdi Army leaders Abu Safaa observed, “They were facing catastrophe and withdrew because of the attacks by the Mahdi Army.” With the preparations completed by Tehran and the blind leadership of the governments in London-Washington the catastrophe is by no means over. Tehran has manufactured an enormous amount of missiles with a variety of ranges. The longest range one may still be the Shahab – 3, with a 1,250 mile range though it has been reported for at least three years Iran has been developing longer range ones. A lot of the shorther range ballistic missiles will be launched at the remaining UK/US bases in Iraq. Until now Tehran has had Islamic fighters concentrate on just attacking troop movements to and from the bases.

The corruption of decision making circles in London – Washington is Tehran’s single greatest weapon.

Willard Payne is an international affairs analyst who specializes in International Relations. A graduate of Western Illinois University with a concentration in East-West Trade and East-West Industrial Cooperation, he has been providing incisive analysis to NewsBlaze. He is the author of Imagery: The Day Before.