Crossfire War: British Forces in Gulf on Full Alert Due to Iran Maneuvers

Crossfire War – TEHRAN WATCH – Persian Gulf Theatre: Bandar Abbas – Strait of Hormuz; US – British Forces in Gulf on Full Alert Due to Iran Maneuvers

Night Watch: BANDAR ABBAS – Spokesman for Iran’s maneuvers, Rear Admiral Mohammad- Ebrahim Dehqani stated that the maneuvers have thrown U. S-British forces in the Persian Gulf into a state of confusion and have therefore put their units on full alert. [IRNA]

This should not be surprising. Their confusion mirrors that of London-Washington, the lost alliance, who have been marching to Tehran’s agenda since they did not remove Saddam 15 years ago. Not until bases constructed for Iran were completed, provided by the multi-national engineering firm based in San Francisco that went through its London branch office to evade the U. S. economic embargo against Tehran.

The reason that is the most strategic, consistent theme stated on the site should be obvious. These behind the scenes business arrangements have been the dominant factor in the West’s foreign policy ever since they realized during the 1980’s they could make more money helping Iran than Iraq. The European Union is still Iran’s leading trade partner. That corruption, and on the highest levels of the West’s decision making, is the most powerful weapon in Tehran’s arsenal.

Reuters reports that Rear Admiral Dehqani concluded his remarks by saying there will be “very important news that will make our nation proud in the next few days.” Could these “maneuvers” be a masque for an attack? Or could the “very important news” be a nuclear bomb test in the open as India/Pakistan conducted in the spring of 1998? The day after Islamabad responded to New Delhi, with its own series of nuclear tests, Tehran then Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi visited Pakistan and publicly praised what he called the “Islamic Bomb”. Tehran has probably possessed nuclear weapons for quite some time but have been completing work on their missile delivery systems.

A nuclear weapon test in the open would be the best way for Tehran to display its hatred and contempt for the UN Security Council and the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna. It would also be a mockery to intelligence experts who assumed Tehran had not yet developed a nuclear weapon. Though the maneuvers are scheduled to conclude on Thursday they definitely signal a new phase in Iran’s worsening relations with the West-Russia-India, all out war before this year is over. This is what Tehran intended all along, according to their event time-table.

Fortunately not all bombs and missiles are going to work, perfect weaponry is not out there. Negative function is not a strange situation in any military, especially concerning hi-tech weaponry and guidance systems, which are always fragile and extremely sensitive. Nothing works as well as advertised. During maneuvers you can make sure the weather and conditions are perfect and there is no enemy shooting back, all targets are easy, even stationary, they don’t even go up and down. Some warheads will miss, others will be duds, some of course will work. Even a conventional bomb or shell can be a dud and they can also miss.

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