Crossfire War: Beijing Arrests 179 Members of Chinese Islamic Group

Crossfire War: Central Asia; East Turkestan (Xinjiang Province) – Beijing Arrests 179 Members of Chinese Islamic Group

Night Watch: BEIJING – A Chinese Islamic group, founded in the 1930’s, in China’s northwest Qinghai province, has just had 179 of its members arrested, being accused of poisoning people’s minds.

The Sala religion then spread to neighoring Xinjiang province, the region the indigenous Uighur people still prefer to call East Turkestan. Beijing seized the area right after World War II. This Chinese branch of Islam has also spread to Ningxia and Gansu. News of the arrest came from the German-based World Uighur Congress. Their spokesman, Dilxat Raxit, was quoted by AFP as saying he was outraged by the arrests and crackdown on religious freedom.

Beijing is extremely worried about any opposition and even more so one that could attract support from foreign governments. Though Islamic countries are genuinely grateful for China’s massive support of their military buildup Islamic capitals cannot ignore the continued oppression of an Islamic people, especially with the Jihad being so active as it is now.

Harmonious relations between China and Islam are indeed numbered since Beijing will have difficulty in sending more nuclear and missile technology to the Middle East when their war with Japan begins over energy areas of the East China Sea. Tehran and other Islamic capitals will then decide that Beijing has outlived its usefulness and support any groups that could remove China’s presence from the region.

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