Can Nepal Army Save The Country’s Sovereignty?

Nepal Army (NA) is the most responsible organization on Nepalese sovereignty. From the beginning of the history, NA has done a lot of glorious work for the country. Now Nepal is in dangerous position. After the expiry of the Constituent Assembly, Nepal is currently facing a constitutional vacuum. At a time when the plight of the nation is deteriorating by the day the Nepalese people are happy and hopeful to have Gaurav Shumsher as the new army chief. After becoming the Chief of Army Staff (CoAS) he has carried out many creative works.

During his visit to India he upheld the prestige of Nepal. This is a very happy work for Nepal. However, there have been questions raised regarding the army chief Gaurav Shumsher. There have been statements in connection to the appointment of Gaurav Shumsher by Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai as the army chief. People say that the army chief would work as the policy of a traitor like Baburam Bhattarai and that he would not resort to saving the nation.

It is the say of the people that his father in law’s house is in India and Baburam is also mobilized by the Indian intelligence agency. In this context both the individuals have same interest. It came to be heard that Gurav Shumsher Rana gave dinner to the members of RAW also. However, in relation to the promotion, Gaurav Shumsher became army chief due to his seniority and the prevailing tradition in the army. In this sense Baburam cannot use the army chief to capture state power.

The Nepal Army will never commit such a crime. There is no suspicion on him because Gaurav Shumsher’s father General Aditya Shumsher had ended the Khampa- (the Tibetan refugees in Himalayan side) incident to forestall American conspiracy.

The son of such a father will never support the traitor’s path to drown the nation. It may be that Baburam was compelled to promote Gaurav Shumsher to win his support. In this sense Baburam could also win his favor. But that is a worthless hope.

In 2008 when the then Prime Minister Prachanda had attempted to remove the then CoAS Rukmangat Katuwal unconstitutionally, the situation became such that the former had to abandon his post. In awareness of this fact Baburam may be trying to appear as the army’s well-wisher in order to conspire as Sikkim’s Lendup to end Nepal’s existence. If any NA chief or officials of this institution will come under the influence of traitors to betray the nation, such elements will be subject to action from patriotic NA personnel guided with the sense of duty towards the nation.

The NA, which has been fighting the imperialist forces since the time of late King Prithvi Narayan Shah, understands such subject. We firmly believe – none of the treacherous elements can use NA. NA will not betray the nation and Nepalese people. Now NA will give an outlet to the nation anyhow. Now the NA must be able to capture the state power under the guidelines of 1990 constitution and arrest the traitors that came after 2006 to save the nation. NA does not need any guidance from anyone in such a context when the nation’s existence is at stake. It must move ahead as per law. The only legitimate and official force that could save the nation is NA.

If the current rulers mandated with the task of saving the nation and providing service to the people resorts to betraying the nation they will receive stern retribution from the state. State constitutes of its permanent organs, which in absence of constitution and cabinet, are activated as per law. For this NA, the court and other state organs, should take initiative to arrest the traitors. The institution that is answerable to all such tradition is NA.

So it is our appeal that as Gaurav Shumsher has become NA’s chief and in consideration of the fact that he has good relation to other generals and security sources of the nation, he must act immediately to overtake to hand over the state to His Majesty as per the 1990 constitution. There are no other alternative to this. With the dissolution of the Constituent Assembly (CA) the existence of the interim constitution, the Presidential system and the cabinet become obsolete. If the traitors preparing to capture state power are immediately arrested then in such a context foreign powers or anyone else will not be able to raise a finger. The Nepalese political parties like Nepali Congress (NC), UML and the Maoists are devoid of any ideology. They have drowned themselves and destroyed the nation. Not all are traitors inside these political parties but those leadership level is infiltrated with Indian and American intelligence – RAW and CIA – that have poured money. The leadership is guided by their orders, which has created a huge setback to Nepal’s sovereignty, identity, unity, and Hindu and Buddhist religion.

The NC and UML leaders like Girija Prasad and Madhav Nepal had drafted the 1990 constitution with a firm belief that the constitutional monarchy, multi-party democracy and Hindu Kingdom are incontrovertible provisions. They had believed that the 1990 constitution was the best in the world. But they ditched the same constitution into a rubbish bin and kneeled before the foreign forces. We have repeatedly appealed for arrest of some 20-25 traitors, who are acting as foreign contractors, and that their property should be confiscated and punished. They should be caged in zoo without grain because they are known as bloodsuckers. They should be given only meat and salt for they are predators. They should be given the facility of medicinal treatment and imprisoned for life. They should be showcased as Nepal’s traitors and criminals. We should charge Rs. one to every tourist, who want to see these traitors and that money, should be used to buy them food. We should not use the state treasury to finance their food. NA should act and make this possible.

The ranks of such traitors are filled with treacherous Bhramins. We need to arrest some 3 Bhramins each from the so called big parties, at least 5 from the civil society and human rights organizations and one each from smaller parties. Although Girija Prasad is dead we should arrest his daughter in his place. Apart from the Bhramins, we should also arrest three non-Bhramin traitors as Sher Bahadur Deuba, Subash Nemwang and Padmaratna Tuladhar. The Nepalese people are so much infuriated with these traitors that they call for burning them alive. But in such a holy land we must not burn anyone or murder anyone. We should not kill them but take action against them by keeping them under security. If we are unable to take action against such traitors who have drowned the nation then this country may not survive. We may have to witness the people of this country becoming refugees. The future of Nepal has become dark because these elements without any ideology took the path in name of uprising. Aren’t they supposed to give outlet to the nation after coming to an agreement with the King to end the agitation? Should they drown the nation by coming under the influence of foreign powers and flouting the agreement with the King? If the state doesn’t take action against such elements Nepal will not remain.

It will be another big betrayal if the organs of the state remain mute spectator to the nation’s retrogression. The court, army, police and the administration must give outlet when the nation doesn’t have a cabinet and a constitution. The facilities and allowance given by the state is not for providing security to the traitors but to save the nation. The crimes of big nature committed by the political party leaders, with no ideologies, have gone unpunished because the permanent organs of the state remain silent.

‘It is not a country created by my small pain but a common garden of all castes and creeds,’ this message given by the founder of the nation has been disgraced today. The leader who can carry out the most strikes, commit the most murders, theft and arson becomes a big leader and these conditions have become the base for coming to state power. Baburam Bhattarai, who is perched on the seat of Prime Minister, has provided security to many murderers, those who have burned the state’s infrastructures and many corrupt individuals. He has kept many along side him in the government and many have been given amnesty. In Nepal whosoever commits the biggest crime becomes the big leader. Can Nepal remain secure like this? After 2006 in Nepal neither the constitution has worked or any law or decisions. The state must hand out stern action to those involved in treason against the nation without a constitution.

Nepal is a holy land. It is mentioned in the 69th chapter of the Skandapurana that, ‘Arya Ne-Muni was a saint. He lived with the Sapta Rishis (seven sages) at the foot of the Himalaya. Nemuni accepted the order and blessing of Devi. He looked after the Pashupati area with consistency of religion.’ This holy land is today Nepal. However the foreign intelligence agencies influenced the contractor Bhramins and some non-Bhramins born in this holy land to use them to proselytize Nepal. If we do not take action against traitors that have supported foreign strategy of ending Nepal’s identity then all our sovereign cultural and natural properties will be lost. Nepal will never benefit from the rulers that came after 2006.

Are those criminals who break constitution, law and agreement after accepting politics and morality as their basis? The so called intellectuals of Nepal – lawyers, professors, doctors, engineers look to gain foreign support and to attain which, they tend to speak anything to please foreigners. Such so-called intellectuals are in the number of 100-150 in Nepal. We need to take action against these elements after a thorough search. Since 2006, those who burned the national flag are branded as martyrs. There are politicians that hand over the country’s natural resources including the rivers to foreign powers; remove the national identity and national attire; insult the national language; replace the Nepali era of B.S with the western era of A.D and try to remove the statue of late King Tribhuvan.

The nation can never benefit from such betrayers like Baburam Bhattarai including others. Meanwhile, the Maoist party Mohan Vaidya group that had separated from the UCPN (Maoist) is in chaos. What do we want- a parliamentary democracy or a communist system? If they are a true patriot they will adhere to the Chinese leader Mao’s policy towards Nepal. The American government that is against People’s Republic may make the Mohan Vaidya group a target of CIA. It is already revealed the source from where NC, UML and the Maoists are being directed. Such foreign contractors must be arrested. With the dissolution of the CA, the interim constitution is also dead. Only the 1990 constitution can be the point that will give the nation a solution. In the end as per the 1990 constitution the NA including all the permanent organs of the state and the nationalist and patriotic forces in the political parties must partake in the task of saving the nation.

D.R. Prasai
Dirgha Raj Prasai is a former Member of Parliament in Nepal, a political analyst who writes from Kathmandu.