Bullying is Plain Madness

People who think they have the right to treat others as garbage is madness.

Once I decided to start a new activity, and I went to this new place with high hopes that people would treat me nicely. Because in elementary school I was taught the golden rule, that you shall treat others the way you want to be treated.

Treat Others How You Want To Be Treated

Sometimes I wonder if some like to be treated as garbage since some people treat others in that way. I think they should taste their own medicine, then maybe, just maybe, they would think twice before they did something hurtful to another person.

Like when I started this new activity, nobody bothered to show me where the locker room and bathroom was. They didn’t care that I looked lonely and lost in the hall. The other girls who took part in that activity formed their own little group although they knew I stood there all alone and didn’t know a single soul there.

No, nobody bothered to show me, the new member, around or did anything to make me feel welcome. Some passed by me, so close they could have touched my arm, without saying hello. Some sneered when I didn’t manage to do all the exercises at once, something they practiced for years, and for me it was all new. Some of the girls gave me looks that could kill. Some rather sat on the floor instead in the sofa with me.

Why? I don’t know.

Silence Is Not Always Golden


All I can say is that it’s more than difficult to be a part of a group where they already know each other. Because they didn’t make any effort to let me be a part of their fellowship. They didn’t talk to me. I felt like an outsider. But sometimes they did actually talk to me.

And then I thought; Wow, was I finally worth to be spoken to!

I thought; Now I will feel like a part of the group.

That didn’t last long because then the silent treatment started. When I asked questions nobody bothered to answer. They just ignored me. I once again got the cold shoulder from them.

Why? I don’t know.

Was I A Bad Person?

When you get bullied it’s very easy to start blame yourself that you have done something wrong or that you’re a bad person since you obviously wasn’t worth their attention. It goes fast to break down when people switch between cold and warm.

I think it’s madness when adults bully others because they should know better. People are cruel. The world is spinning. They laugh and enjoy themselves while you’re left alone in the cold.

Many tears have rolled down my cheeks because of the injustice they put me through. I want to scream that they can go to hell.

It’s madness when a group of people say that the most important thing they teach is respect when they didn’t respect me or treat me fairly.

Bullying is plain madness.