Ten Things The State Department Wants You To Know About What They Do

The U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) say they do many things for the American people that few people know about.

Your Tax Dollars at Work!

Each year, the Department of State spends just over one per cent of the entire federal budget. Their aim is to impact how Americans live and how the rest of the world perceives America.

1. Create American Jobs

The State Department says it directly supports 20 million U.S. jobs by promoting new and open markets. They say they protect intellectual property, negotiate new U.S. airline routes worldwide, and help American companies compete for foreign government and private contracts.

2. Support American Citizens Outside The U.S.

Last year, The State Department extended emergency assistance to U.S. citizens who were involved in natural disasters or civil unrest around the world. There were also more than 6,537 international adoptions and 1,300+ child abduction and access cases. More than 374 American children were repatriated.

3. Promote Democracy and Foster Stability Around the World

The State Department partners with public and private sectors in countries to foster democracy and peace.

4. Help to Make the World a Safer Place

The State Department’s nonproliferation efforts prevent the spread of WMDs. The New START Treaty helps reduce the number of deployed nuclear weapons and helps post-conflict countries clear millions of square meters of landmines and unexploded ordnance.

5. Save Lives

Assisted global progress against HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, smallpox and polio.

6. Help Countries Feed Themselves

USAID helps plant the right seeds in the right way and get crops to markets to feed more people.

7. Help in Times of Crisis

USAID also assists when there are natural disasters, famine or epidemics.

8. Promote the Rule of Law and Protect Human Dignity

The State Department advocates for the release of some prisoners of conscience, prevent political activists from suffering abuse, train police officers to combat sex trafficking and equips journalists to hold their governments accountable.

9. Help Americans See the World

14.1 million passports and passport cards were issued to allow Americans to travel abroad and provide travel warnings about dangers or difficulties abroad.

10. The Face of America Overseas

State Department employs diplomats and development experts, so they can implement programs that show American leadership around the world.

The State Department says their small budget yields a large return by advancing U.S. national security, and promotes U.S. economic interests.

Mina Fabulous
Mina Fabulous follows the news, especially what is going on in the US State Department. Mina turns State Department waffle into plain English. Mina Fabulous is the pen name of Carmen Avalino, the NewsBlaze production editor. When she isn't preparing stories for NewsBlaze writers, she writes stories, but to separate her editing and writing identities, she uses the name given by her family and friends.