Breaking News Daily with Bruce Edwin, July 20th, 2018

Hollywood Sentinel Publisher Bruce Edwin brings Daily Breaking News to NewsBlaze readers.

Iran Deal

Behrouz Kamalvandi, a spokesman for Iran’s nuclear agency, reportedly talked to media in Tehran this week about the country’s ridiculous decision to reportedly sue the United States for American Government re-imposing sanctions against Iran after withdrawing from the 2015 nuclear deal. As I reported earlier, the Iran deal did not allow U.S. weapons inspectors full access to determine whether or not Iran factually has nuclear weapon activity or not. (Source: LBN Examiner)

Military Island

As The U.S. considers what to do about that military island China has built at sea, perhaps the U.S. should start building a few of them too. Or, we could just all go listen to M.I.A. and get along.


M.I.A. performs September 17th in Chicago at Riot Fest.

Muslim’s Being Kept Out of S. Korea

Over half a million South Koreans have reportedly signed a petition stating they do not want Muslim refugees in their country. (source: Infowars)

Australia Bans Niqab in Court

A Supreme Court judge in the land down under has banned the wife of an accused jihad terrorist from wearing a niqab in court. Her husband, who is reportedly facing a six-week trial, allegedly planned a terrorist attack on Christmas Day of 2016 at Melbourne locations including Federation Square, Flinders Street Station and St Paul’s Cathedral. (source: Jihad Watch)


Israel has reportedly downgraded the status of Arabic from an official language to a language with “special status.” (source: CNN)

Sexy Russian Spies

Maria Butina is the latest sexy Russian female accused of being a spy for the Russian Federation. Reportedly exchanging sex with one of her handlers as a part of her job according to CNN, the young Russian, whose cover was allegedly that of a student, reportedly loved guns, skydiving, doing her covert job, and of course – power. The U.S. Justice Department wrote a long brief against her, calling her a major flight risk (which of course she is), and now have her detained. Butina also tellingly congratulated America and Russia on Trump’s win on her FB timeline – before he had actually won – whoops. (source: CNN)

Speaking of Russia, Trump will reportedly meet with Putin yet again, inviting him to the White House, and calling the “Fake News Media” the real enemy of the people.

Incorrect Political Correctness

Scarlett Johansson has reportedly dropped out of a formerly planned film in which she would star as a trans person. The trans community allegedly had a backlash against the star on social media, demanding that a real transsexual play the character, instead of the global star. Sadly, the talented and lovely actress gave in to the demands. Now tell us, what transsexual star will be as great and give the film as much attention as would have Scarlett? Exactly – no one. (source: Out)

Defending Enemies

Trump recently slammed the E.U. for hitting Google with over a billion dollars worth of fines in Europe, with the President calling Google a ‘great’ company. According to Breitbart today, most all Google Image Searches of the word ‘idiot’ comes up “Trump.” In May, according to Breitbart, Google got slammed for listing “Nazism” as the official ideology of Californian Republicans.

Speaking of Nazis, George Soros – who helped them as a teen, recently reportedly called Obama his greatest disappointment. Soros, who reportedly covertly funds wars, has gone on camera stating how he wanted the U.S. economy to tank.

Women’s Rights

Congress is reportedly discussing changes to the ERA which would for the first time, name women in the U.S. Constitution, and expressly prohibit discrimination against women. (source: FAS)

Los Angeles Live

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