Are You Ready for The Latter Days?

We now live in what is referred to in religion as the Last Days. When everything is in turmoil, the days when men’s heart’s will fail them.

These were the headlines from our various new sources across our nation yesterday.

Amtrak’s scare in the United States, cows infected, Republicans threaten to sue Obama, the roads in America cannot afford to be repaired because of a lack of money, the budget is broke, a white shark attacked a man, War in the Middle East again, and earth quake in Southern California, Iraq needs more American help and this is only a small part of the news yesterday. People molest children and mothers kill their children.

How many immigrants of youth are coming into this country? Thousands and the Democrats and republicans are fighting about what to do with them. Why do we call them immigrants they are illegal aliens. The word immigrant is one who intends to be here for a short time and returns home again. Think these children will return home soon? Not if Obama has his way, money or no money, he will sign another executive order.

Food prices are sky rocketing every month. Gas goes up and down like a merry-go-round goes around and around. Even our staple items are becoming expensive. Bought any clothing lately? Electricity is starting to escalate into a position like our food prices. Maybe it is time to revert to wood stoves? Many homes in this part of the world are Electric heat and stoves; with electricity on the up-swing what else do we do for heat?

Some are closing their eyes and ears to evidence of the latter days.

A large share of the people in this the land of the free and the brave have decided to turn off the news. People are turning a deaf ear to politics and the squirrels that run Washington. It appears Television has begun to fall from the ratings much like radio did in the 1950’s and 1960’s. What is replacing T.V.?

The smart phone, it is instant access to whatever subject you want to hear good or bad.

A poll taken in 2013 showed that only 25% of our nation’s people did not read a book and of those whom did read a book only read about 10 minutes every day. People can listen and see a book on their smart phone or tablets.

They can listen instead of reading. My what a switch, when I went to school reading was every day or you flunked. Are we letting our ability of reasoning right from wrong, good from bad, escape? Have we lost the foundation to our free nation, the bed rock to happiness, is morality?

I have noticed electronic books are getting bigger now and many writers are using this as a way to publish. There are now books that were written with daily blogs. Everything is moving faster almost every day like we are in a hurry to get to the end of this story call life. If we expect the end is near why bother seems to be the attitude.

The negative side

Wars and rumors of Wars will dominate the world in the latter day. Weather becomes more violent. The mark of the beast 666 or who really knows it might even be tattooing. I have no idea why people are afraid of death. We are in commotion mode now in this nation waiting for the hammer to drop.

Will it drop and are you ready? It is predicted that in the end of days 1/3 of our human race will die or suffer until their death… With all the old movies about fatal viruses illustrate what people believe about these the latter days. .

The positive side is clear.

Make yourself right with the Lord then no one will be harmed.

Those who are religious need to become better people and those who do not know God better make a fast exit to the mountain and hope it falls on them.

I understand in the Book of Revelation that the seven seals are not the final steps of the end of time but are the seven dispensations or seven one thousand year periods of its existence from Adam to the end of time.. The seventh seal is the last one thousand years and the sixth is our dispensation or just before the seventh starts is where we(our time)is today or our age.

Life in this the latter days is exciting and challenging and I love life. The very fact we are in the latter days is not known completely; maybe we miss understand the scriptures… This maybe the latter days but only one knows if it is and we must be ready even if we don’t know.

What is the purpose for this life? If you don’t know maybe it is time to find out.

Robert D. Ashford was a Marine during the cold war and is now retired, after 50 years of construction management. He is a keen genealogist and loves humor. He watches the political horizons and likes to write commentary on what’s next.