Are You Illogical Enough to Be a Progressive?

To those seriously considering acceptance of “progressive” ideology in time to participate in the November elections, consider the sort of muddled thinking needed to embrace the liberal agenda:

      1. Execution of a convicted killer is cruel, unusual and morally barbaric. whereas a woman’s right to abort the life of an innocent, defenseless child is inalienable.
      2. Profits from the sale of oil and fissionable materials needed to produce energy are immoral and disgusting. Whereas profits earned from the sale of aborted baby parts are essential to protecting a woman’s right to reproductive freedom, and are thus not at all objectionable.
      3. Violating federal laws written to protect highly sensitive and classified government information is a serious felony offense, often regarded as a capital offense. Except when the offender is a female, older progressive presidential candidate whose experience is limited to mundane service as US Secretary of State.
      4. Burning Old Glory is acceptable free speech. Whereas conservatives who question government policy concerning illegal aliens and admission of refugees from known sources of terrorism are engaged in unacceptable “hate speech.”

        do progressives like old glory
        Old Glory
      5. Making America Great Again is a racist slogan which appeals to low-life Caucasians yearning for a return to the good old days of slavery, Jim Crow, and racial segregation.
      6. Freedom of speech must never be repressed, except when “hurtful” to any constituency of the Democrat party, in which case it becomes hate speech and ripe for action by thought police lurking in the Department of Justice.
      7. Government-mandated health care, AKA ObamaCare, is opposed by most Americans and does not apply to members of the US Congress; still, the so-called “Affordable Care Act(ACA)” is highly-touted as a major “achievement” of the Barack Obama presidency, despite the fact that health care costs have spiraled totally out of control and the ACA is a major failure in all respects.
      8. Large profits are obscenely un-American, except when enjoyed by Hillary and Bill Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Barack and Michelle Obama, and other elitist liberals.
      9. Patriots working to preserve original American culture are bigoted hate mongers; whereas the “cultural heritage” of illegal aliens must be protected and celebrated at all costs.
      10. Discrimination based on race or gender is wrong. except when necessary to promote racial minorities and women for high elective office.
      11. Invading a foreign nation is wrong, except when illegal aliens invade America.
      12. Those who believe English should be the official American language are “racist” hate mongers. Whereas those who prefer Spanish to English are perfectly justified because “diversity is our greatest strength.”
      13. The earning power of American citizens is in sharp decline and has been for decades. nonetheless, the U.S. should grant amnesty to tens of millions of illegal aliens who will work for lower wages and without benefits.
      14. Illegal aliens should be licensed to drive – to avoid breaking the law by driving illegally.
      15. Tax cuts are wrong when money is returned to people who actually paid taxes, but perfectly fine when sent to those who paid none.
      16. All symbols of Christianity must be quashed so as to offend no one, whereas all things Islamic must be heavily promoted in the name of religious awareness, diversity and tolerance.
      17. Businesses are oppressive, fascist institutions and must not be allowed to become too large. On the other hand government, when run by Democrats, creates wealth and happiness and should be expanded as much as possible.
      18. Military force must never be used except when the Commander-In-Chief is a certified global warrior who believes in “Leading from Behind” and who steadfastly opposes taking actions solely to advance US national interests.

The big progressive question: – Are you illogical enough to be a Progressive?

John Lillpop is a recovering liberal. It was 1992 when he last voted for a Democrat. That is when he woke up to the democrats and progressives. Pray for John, because he lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, where people think Nancy Pelosi is actually normal.