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John Lillpop is a recovering liberal. It was 1992 when he last voted for a Democrat. That is when he woke up to the democrats and progressives. Pray for John, because he lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, where people think Nancy Pelosi is actually normal.
drain the swamp.

A Patriots’ Bucket List for Terminating Failed Obama Presidency

Over the past eight years. at times it seemed as though Barack Obama's tyranny-dictatorship would never end. But, alas, thanks to a merciful and...
obama learning moments.

America’s Priceless Learning Moments, Courtesy of Barack Hussein Obama!

Without question, the most prestigious and powerful political office on the planet - the US Presidency - has been significantly dumbed down and neutered...
lock her up bumper sticker.

Trump’s Non-Negotiable Constitutional Duty to Lock Up HRC!

To those who have followed the criminal dossier of lies, corruption, and abuse accumulated by Hillary Clinton over the past 30 years or so,...
illegals cross us border.

Illegal Aliens Starting to Leave US – Thanks to President-Elect Trump!

Now that the Executive and Legislative branches of the US Government are once again in the hands of commonsense patriots dedicated to acting in...
Donald Trump and Mike Pence thank America.

Deplorable Patriots Drain Polluted Political Swamp!

An oft-quoted theme in American politics is that "You cannot Fool ALL the people ALL the time!," a brag that was reaffirmed on November...
presidential race revelations.

30 Days to Go … and Counting!

As America reels from the vulgar, misogynist, shocking words uttered by Donald Trump eleven years ago, and released to the public on tape just...
Hillary Clinton mean look.

More “Deplorable”: Loving America Too Much, Or Not At All?

Pneumonia-infested Hillary Clinton stirred a fierce hornet's nest recently with angry rhetoric which slammed innocent Americans for the audacity of supporting the candidacy of...
A real ass.

Hacked E-Mails Expose Corruption, Fraud, & Bigotry at DNC!

Julian Assange of Wikileaks fame and glory appears headed for a spectacular success of the sort that eluded stalwarts such as Jim Comey, Trey...
racist Gavin Long alias Cosmo Setepenra .

BLM Thugs Debunk Dumb Myth That Blacks Cannot Be Racist!

For years, liberal purveyors of hate and folly have advanced the specious argument that racism is a "white disease," from which black people are...
Loretta Lynch: love and compassion for terrorists.

Loretta Lynch: Love & Compassion for Terrorists; Encouragement for BLM Protesters!

Attorney Loretta Lynch, when she is not meeting inappropriately with former President Bill Clinton, apparently whiles away the hours by making absurd remarks concerning...
tarmac diplomacy.

“Tarmac Diplomacy” to the Rescue?

Bill Clinton, 2nd most prolific congenital liar in the Clinton household, has apparently pulled a rabbit out of a hat and, in doing so,...

Trump-Mania is Now a Global Movement!

It took longer than most who favor common sense and conservative values would have preferred, but the disastrous period of political ignorance and Marxist...
bill clinton and loretta lynch cartoon.

Is the American Public as Dumb As MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber...

It appears that Hillary Rodham Clinton is taking a bet that the American public is as dumb as MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber alleged last...
Obama on his high horse.

Obama’s Disgusting Hypocrisy Regarding Violence at Trump Events!

On the heels of an utterly vulgar display of violence and mob insanity by leftist thugs opposed to the candidacy of Republican presidential candidate...
do progressives like old glory

Are You Illogical Enough to Be a Progressive?

To those seriously considering acceptance of "progressive" ideology in time to participate in the November elections, consider the sort of muddled thinking needed to...