Are We Approaching ‘Critical Mass’ in the Coronado Mansion Mystery?

As we focus closer on the scene of the Coronado Mansion Mystery, interpretations of the ghastly events deposited there (on July 11th and July 14, 2011) approach a pivotal mass of profoundly charged metamorphosis. The persistence of Dina Shacknai has paid off. The mother of Max Shacknai has known it all along; someone assaulted her son Max, then threw him off a steep banister.

Moreover, I’ve taken a close look at Rebecca Zahau’s death a few days after the 6-year-old boy’s ‘accident,’ and it doesn’t add up either, other than another homicide. We’ll want to take a closer look at the new conclusions of forensic pathologist Dr. Judy Melinek, but we can already see, it looks like she got it right this time around. To simplify, there were too many injuries that couldn’t be explained by the fall itself.

dina shacknai max

Furthermore, Max was too short to have fallen off the railing (a layman’s way of stating this scientific impossibility). Therefore, a willing participant had to have grabbed him and thrown him over the steep staircase! Don’t fault me for stating it clearly and directly (without all the convoluted scientific jargon of a medical examiner). But what we want to know now, is who could have done this and why?

We need to know, who killed Rebecca Zahau and why (also)? I’ll pose the first theory that popped up in my head yesterday (and I’ll bet, it occurred to you too), when I heard about this breaking news (on HLN and the Google News stream). Let’s suppose that on July 11, 2011, that Rebecca Zahau somehow was an eyewitness to Max’s little ‘accident.’ Then someone becomes fearful that she would call the cops. I think you get the picture, though.

Additionally, this implies she was in on it, at least partially. This is a brazen and farfetched assertion (I do realize) or explanation of cascading, calamitous events (most sinister in nature), but I ask you to come up with another spin to this story, that is a fit with the facts as they unfold before us? We know that Rebecca (girlfriend to Jonah Shacknai) was in the Spreckels mansion at the time of Max’s death.

Yet why would Rebecca want to do the little boy any harm? This is one of major reasons why this case is so intriguing, you’ll have to agree. We know that Dina Shacknai is suspicious of Rebecca and had some strong apprehensions about Ms Zahau playing the role of caretaker of her child. We hear also that Rebecca had a shoplifting charge on her record. Not the world’s blackest mark, but a dark spot nonetheless!

Well, maybe I’m getting a little ahead of myself. But at least I’m not just blindly thinking one death was an accident and the other was a suicide, such as the San Diego County Sheriff’s Office had ruled last year. I know the puzzle pieces fit together some way, so I’m simply demoing different fits to see if it’ll fly. I bet you are doing this yourself. The difference is, I’m typing it out on paper and publishing my inner thoughts on the WWW, for all to see! *(Slight procedural nuance, I might add!)

Okay, back to the drawing board. A viewing of Roman Polanski’s Chinatown may be in order. Usually, when nothing else works, we amateur sleuths will morph to the universal truism that MONEY AND POWER is lurking behind the scenes of any unexplained death, involving the rich or famous (or people with power). In Chinatown, control of the water rights was behind the murderous developments in the plot. Can we come up with an analogy in the Coronado Mansion Mystery?

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