Are Atheists Slaves of Their Stupidity and Egos?

I read an article the other night elevating my conservative core of religious beliefs. This man was expounding on the virtues of atheism and there are more of them now than at any time in American History. I’m sure he is correct because this nation has never had so many people and so many who live off of others. I realize this is a free country and we can have the right to believe or not to believe, or even believe whatever. I do not dispute this fact. But this nation needs more who will uphold the basic idea of Christian ethics and morals.

This may sound like a judgment call but remember where this nation began and how it got started. It came from people hunting for freedom not searching for slavery to another King. Atheists are slaves of their stupidity and ego’s… Plato called it right when he said, “Atheism is a disease of the soul, before it becomes an error of the understanding.”

That error blinds them to the real life experience. They are so wrapped up in themselves they don’t want to know a god exists and has divine power. The three great apostles of practical atheism that make converts without persecuting and retain them without preaching are health, wealth, and power.

These are the food of egos and the fuel that stimulates greed and avarice that produces off springs into atheists. They don’t need help and don’t believe because they need not a god or want to believe there is a purpose in life greater than their own desires. There is no such thing as sin and they waste their efforts excusing their ego rather than helping and having compassion on fellow humans. They have plenty of passion but no compassion.

Atheist want to believe there is no purpose for life and when we die that’s it. You go into fertilizer and feed someone else or other things. What you do here on earth has no meaning and you can do or act anyway you want. Family has no purpose, children are just another thing you do and live with, and it doesn’t matter, nothing matters.

Who and what are we? Are we a speck of dirt, an atom, traveling on a rock which circles a bubble of hot flaming gas? Are we alone in this solar system? Are we alone in this galaxy? Are we alone in this universe? Who in the hell are we if not the sons and daughters of those who put us here on this earth to work out our salvation. Is there a purpose for our being here? Oh yes there is a purpose and we must find that purpose and fulfill it to the best of our ability.

Are families the corner stone of society? Yes they are and the children we have we must teach and raise them, so they can be better than we are, or maybe we fail one of our main purposes for life. Does God live? Yes he does and He is the Father of mankind. How can he be the Father? Well he put us here and was our Father in Heaven and gave us life. We are the sons and daughters of God. So why don’t we live like we are the sons and daughters? Maybe we need to be converted or convinced to the fact God lives and He is our God and Father.

Without, faith and belief this nation would not exist. Our fore fathers developed a nation where men can be free and worship God according to the dictates of their own conscience. For anyone who is born in this Nation and ignores the fact this is a Christian Nation ignores who and what this nation stands for to the World. One Nation under God if you don’t want to be under God you have a choice, exercise it.

No one can harm the man who does himself no wrong.

Robert D. Ashford
Robert D. Ashford was a Marine during the cold war and is now retired, after 50 years of construction management. He is a keen genealogist and loves humor. He watches the political horizons and likes to write commentary on what's next.