American Psychiatric Association / Monsanto Support Hillary Clinton

“The American Psychiatric Association (APA) welcomes and strongly supports the comprehensive mental health agenda introduced (…) by Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.” states the APA. APA President Maria A. Oquendo, M.D. stated, “Her plan promotes early intervention and prevention, stronger enforcement of parity laws so psychiatric conditions are treated the same as other illnesses, and investments in brain and behavioral research.”


Many Americans are concerned with this plan however, which they fear would expand the power and reach of the psychiatric industry. Whereas psychiatry has often been used throughout history to control and suppress; (ie: the control of blacks, women, homosexuals, political dissidents, children, etc), many feel that psychiatry is nothing more than a pseudo-science, which once factually used to cut out parts of peoples brains, and still to this day causes brain damage by dangerous practices including electroshock and often widely unpredictable, ineffective, and toxic psychiatric drugs.

Monsanto and Hillary Clinton – Mutual Supporters

Monsanto – recently bought by Pharmaceutical giant Bayer – are creators of Agent Orange and GMO’s and much more. They are reportedly large supporters of Hillary Clinton with cash support reportedly in the millions. Agent Orange – one of Monsanto’s many creations, is the gas defoliant used during the Vietnam War which caused countless deaths and deformities among the Vietnamese, and caused birth defects in the children of many American servicemen exposed to the gas, of whose dangers Monsanto covertly tried to hide.

Hillary Clinton in turn, reportedly defends and supports Monsanto and GMOs. Genetically Modified Organisms are a result of science messing with Mother Nature, which many conclude cause disease and destroy vital nutrients and taste in foods, among other devastating problems. These and other facts give concern for many Americans to a Hillary Clinton in the White House. One thing is for certain, we don’t have much longer before the suspense is finally over.

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