Satanic Panic Hits Hillary Clinton with Podesta Leak

Hillary Clinton Chairman Podesta Gets Invite to Deviant Artists Dinner

John David Podesta is the Chairman of the 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. Previously, he was Chief of Staff to President Bill Clinton and was Counselor to President Barack Obama. Podesta – recently another victim of e-mail “leaks” from hackers, thus had disclosed one of his many e-mails including one from his brother, regarding performance artist Marina Abramovic, who uses snakes and semen in her art, and more. Abramovic, reportedly a long time friend of John Podesta’s brother Tony, invited Tony to her house for “Spirit Cooking,” and asked if John Podesta was coming too. [Wikileaks.]


Abramovic, praised by modern shock pop artists including Lady Ga Ga, had an ongoing performance and installation art show in which she gathered breast milk, menstrual blood, and semen, mixing it all in a large bucket, with which she then painted weird phrases on gallery walls. The mixture, allegedly used during an act of witchcraft, is called “art” by Abramovic, and galleries that are supporting her seem to agree.

Abramovic has called her act with this mixture “spirit cooking.” When she does it at home, she reportedly states, it is not art, but a magical act. And so, it was not a gallery that the Podestas were invited to by Abramovic, to go see. Rather, they were both personally invited, with Tony Podesta personally e-mailed by the artist, asking him specifically if he and his brother John Podesta were coming over to her house for what she calls “Spirit Cooking.”

Anti-Clinton activists reasonably claimed that the dinner would involve her deviant magical “act” and that it would therefore involve her grotesque mixture. The artist denied such claims, citing how she was angry at such false accusations being made for political purposes, claiming that it was going to be a regular dinner. That assertion however, while perhaps true, does not quite add up in the sphere of public opinion, when presented with these facts here detailed, which I reiterate as follows;

One: Abramovic made so called art with menstrual blood, semen, and breast milk, splashing it around, and painting weird words with it from a large bucket and paintbrush on walls
Two: Abramovic called this so called art “Spirit Cooking”
Three: Abramovic personally emailed the brother of Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Manager – Tony Podesta, asking if he was going to attend her “Spirit Cooking” invitation at her home, and asking if he was going to bring his brother (John Podesta) with him
Four: Tony Podesta emailed his brother John asking if he was going to join him
(source; 1 – 4: Wikileaks)

It is not yet known whether John Podesta responded by email. There are reports that Amamovic said John Podesta did not attend the dinner.

Podesta’s Involvement in Grotesque Witchcraft Rituals Questioned

As such, this is what all of the current trending news is about regarding Podesta, with many stretching their imaginations further still and accusing John Podesta and his lead politician Hillary Clinton of being Satanic practitioners. Lady Ga Ga, who gushes on, at least on a You Tube video praising Abramovic as an eternal genius, worked at least once with self-declared Satanist Marilyn Manson. In the video of one of Abramovic’s so called “art” installations, she is seen boringly pouring a disgusting mixture of her collected fluids, and splashing them around on a pagan type figurine, painting words with it on walls, and pouring it heavily all around the edges of walls and corners.

Anti-Hillary critics claim the so called “Spirit Cooking” ritual was a ritual by Aleister Crowley – the self declared “Wickedest Man in the World,” who was one of the most popular occultists of his time and still remains so to this day. In fact, Crowley actually never had any ritual called “Spirit Cooking,” which appears to be something merely created from the mind of Abramovic. One of Crowley’s main rituals was the Abramelan ritual, taking – according to some Crowleyites – 6 to 18 months long, in which he allegedly communicated with numerous demons, as well as with Satan himself.

Crowley – recorded in writings as a known pedophile who had sex with little boys, reportedly used large amounts of cocaine, hashish, opium, and heroin among more, drank cat urine, and also engaged in cooking what he called “cakes of light,” essentially similar to “moon cakes,” yet which – like Abramovic’s “Spirit Eating,” also included semen. Thus, while Abramovic’s “Spirit Eating” is technically not Satanic, nor Crowleyan, nor Thelemic, and thus not a part of the rituals of the Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO) which Crowley took over running during his time, it is certainly in the spirit of Crowley, and in the spirit of many other Pagan and Satanic rituals, which call for the use of the same or similar ingredients.

While we will assume that John or Tony Podesta are not blatantly Satanic or Thelemites (followers of Crowley), it is certainly odd that a powerful political chairman to a United States Presidential Nominee and Former Secretary of State – Hillary Clinton – is getting personal invites from his brother Tony for so called “Spirit Cooking” dinners by a deviant performance artist who uses blood, semen and breast milk mixtures based on – not necessarily Crowleyan – but certainly, witchcraftian, and perhaps Satantic rites.

Is John Podesta a fan of Abramovic like Tony Podesta is? Is Hillary? Have John and Tony Podesta attended these “Spirit Cookings” before? Abramovic claims they have not, yet Tony allegedly forwarded the email to his brother and asked if he was joining him. Abramovic claims that she and Tony Podesta are long-time friends. Tony Podesta, one of Washington’s top lobbyists, heads the Podesta Group, which reportedly earned more than 27 million dollars in lobbying fees, in 2011 alone. Tony Podesta’s team has been hired by all from major pharmaceutical company Merck, to Bank of America, and Wal Mart, among other more controversial donors with less than admirable human rights records.

According to some sources citing an old alleged report by “Time” magazine, John Podesta allegedly has or had a painting loaned to him by his brother Tony in his own office, depicting two men preparing to sacrifice, kill, and eat another man. And according to yet another alleged former bodyguard for the Clintons, comes claims that Hillary was a member or at least a regular attendee of a female witchcraft group based in California. Still others now claim that the email leak proves that Hillary worships Satan.

While these reports may be entertaining for some to imagine being real, they simply are not proven, and therefore, cannot be said to be real.

What we can at least safely conclude, without fantasy or conspiracy theorizing, is this; That Tony Podesta is friends with a radical woman who does some really twisted and deviant art, that is according to some – pornographic, and quite possibly Satanic. After all – doing the devil’s work without giving the devil the glory by using the devil’s name – is, according to most devil worshipers, ‘still’ Satanic.

Until more facts are revealed, which we can’t be sure they finally will be, we wonder now, where was the health department to investigate the possible health risks of potential contact with blood and body fluid secretions being publicly smeared on public gallery walls in the name of art? And, would the art world be accepting of these acts of moral depravity had they not been committed by an attractive female – which the art world has historically seemed to enjoy sexualizing and exploiting in the name of feminism?

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