America Created the “Kosovar State,” Not “Kosovar Nation”

Those who intentionally, or by ignorance, confuse these two concepts, are not in touch with reality or the truth, they don’t know what is good for themselves, America, an independent Kosovo, Albanians in Kosovo, or the nation of Albania as a whole!

And then there are those with their “science” that are poisoning national and international opinion, with ideas that “Kosovo Albanians are not a nation, but will become a nation, as claimed by Nexhmedin Spahiu. Do these individuals have a moral and legal right to teach Albanian students, be it in Kosovo or in other areas of ethnic Albania?”

In all events, this regressive teaching need not be passed on to students from faculties, universities and colleges, in Kosovo or Albania.


1 The First Quasi-Scientific Falsification

Nexhmedin Spahiu stated, “Kosovo Albanians are still a community. They aren’t a nation, but they will become a nation someday.” (See:”Koha Ditore” 6/01/2006).

This is an unbelievable, inexplicable and unacceptable claim by Prof.Dr. Nexhmedin Spahiu. How could it be that an educated Albanian with a doctororate political degree has written and stated in the face of the world that “Kosovo Albanians are not a nation?” O tempora! O mores! So, is this “the culmination of science” on Kosovo Albanians?

From such a wrong and absurd statement, which is entirely unethical and unprofessional, come the following inevitable questions:

  1. How is it possible that these Albanian so-called scientists, with their false tails and daily political propaganda (which is directly leading to the mill water appeal of Great Serbia and other enemies of Albanians and Albania), maneuver through the “independent” mass media of the commercial variety, and manage to lecture at several universities in Kosovo, Albania, Tetova and even outside the borders of ethnic Albania and Europe, in order to sell their so-called scientific ideas?
  2. Why should Kosovo, Tetovo, Tirana, the Balkans, Europe and America need such “scientists” when they have not yet learned the ABCs of Albanian national history and Ethnic Albania?
  3. Why would Kosovo need these kinds of “scientists,” when in the face of the world they distort the truth about Albanians in Kosovo, calling them a “community” and still “not a nation?”

Claims such as Nexhmedin Spahiu’s are in the spirit of dark, medieval Serbia which confirms through Serbian historiography, politics, diplomacy and forger black propaganda of the state and the Serbian Orthodox Church, that Albanians in Kosovo, “are not a nation, but always have been a ‘primitive tribal community’ and ‘immigrant minorities’ rather than an inherent part of the Albanian nation.”

This is a great fallacy. This is a hypocrisy, ignorance, a falsehood, a provocation, a lie, a fraud and a sui generis spec, that distorts and denies the national identity of Kosovo Albanians, who are an integral part of the Albanian nation and Ethnic Albania.

This is a dilettante conclusion by Nexhmedin Spahiu who is influenced by the quasi-science, politics and appeal of Great Serbian propaganda from Belgrade. That he says Kosovo Albanians are still just a community and not a nation, really warrants a correct academic response at the national level, and the International one, because Kosovo’s Albanians, as well as all the other ethnic Albanians belonged to one Albanian nation since the nineteenth century.

So , there is no reason that Kosovar Albanians or other parts of Ethnic Albania, should file any claim in the “ticket-office” of Nexhmedin Spahiu, that one day they would “become a nation” under the ideological-political slogans, propaganda, its cosmopolitan communist, “proletarians of all countries unite” in “Kosovar nation,” as used in “Yugoslav nation”: Albanians, Serbs, Croats, Slovenes, Macedonians, Hungarians, Turks, Bosnians, Montenegrins, Roma, Gorans, Egyptians etc..!

2 The Second Quasi-Scientific Falsification

Nexhmedin Spahiu stated, “You cannot create a state without being configured as a nation first …” (“Koha Ditore,” Pristina, 01.06.2006).

According to this thesis which is utterly false and scientifically unacceptable, it seems that the state creates the nation, not that the nation creates the state. There is no such definition or theory on the formation of a “nation” as stated by Nexhmedin Spahiu be it in the East or the West doctrine of nation.

Furthermore, his theory confutes the establishment and recognition of an independent state of Kosovo (17 February 2008) before building the “Kosovar nation.” How will he respond to his failed thesis that without the shaping of the nation, the state cannot be created?

According to this thesis of Nexhmedin Spahiu (written and published in 2006, namely two years, before Kosovo became an independent sovereign state), means that Kosovo cannot become a state, before its citizens (Albanians Serbs, Turks, Montenegrins, Roma, Bosnians, Egyptians, Croats, Gorans etc..), form a new common nation, that means the “Kosovar nation!”

According to Nexhmedin Spahiu, this is the “correct definition for the nation that doesn’t dare to be neither broad nor narrow.” (Ibid, “Koha Ditore,” Pristina, 06.01.2006).

However, if this is the true definition of a nation as proposed by Nexhmedin Spahiu, how was it that on February 17, 2008, America along with 22 European Union member states including Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Netherlands and Belgium, recognized the independent state of Kosovo without at all consulting this “true definition,” written by Albanian scholar Nexhmedin Spahiu?

Perhaps American and Western European science and politics, did not know under what historical, political and social conditions and circumstances a nation or a state ought to be created.

If this is the case, America and the EU in the most argued manner must have rejected the “elementary mathematics” of the definition of the “Kosovar nation” as written by Nexhmedin Spahiu, recognizing the state of Kosovo before “Kosovo Albanians, become a nation” according to his speculative, unscientific, provocative and anti-Albanian “formula.”

Why did America help the Albanian people and the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) led war?

It was because Albanians led by the KLA fought not for the formation of any nation, but to create an independent state of Kosovo. This is the main reason why the United States, NATO and the EU, helped fight for freedom and independence of the Albanian people of Kosovo led by the KLA.

Otherwise, if Albanians along with the KLA fought for the establishment of the “Kosovar nation,” of course, neither America nor NATO nor the EU would have helped, in any form, given the fact that the nation is not formed “by night” or by a war, despite the goal, because it is known that the formation of a nation is a long historical process of social development.

After all, until today, the United States of America, has never helped create a nation, but has helped to create states, as in the case of the formation of the independent and sovereign Republic of Kosovo (17 February 2008).

So, America along with its Western European allies (NATO and EU), formed the “Kosovar State,” not any “Kosovar nation!” (Karen A Mingst, 2004: 103: The state and the nation don’t coincide).