America, The Check is in the Mail: Economic Stimulus Package Ready

Now, all I know is what little I read on the Internet and this last week it looks like the President divided and conquered the Republicans and anyone else who was standing in front of the pen that wrote this plan. However, the President has a lot riding on this so it might as well be written in his own blood.

President Obama made it really clear that no one was going home to their family this last weekend. He shut every one of them in a room and said we are going have us a sleep-over until this is all hammered out.

My only question is: do us Americans have to pay for their overtime? ‘Cause we are hoping they can take an IOU for this extra time, the only time we have right now is OUT OF TIME!

Besides we ain’t paying this overtime if this new plan does not work. The days of paying the under-performing big boys and girls at the top are gone. This plan, unlike the last plan from the last administration, is for the people, not the corporate folks, so we will be the judge of whether it works.

We tried that and the banks and the loan folks showed us what they are truly made of . . . OUR MONEY. With the way they have been losing dollars, there is only one place that a risk like that should be played out and that is Las Vegas. They would welcome that kinda profits.

So, I guess I will go out on the limb here and give my opinion on this bill in the making because the only folks we are hearing from when it comes to predictions about if and when this stimulus plan will work is the Economist and the Republicans and neither have made much dollars or sense lately.

The only person right now who seems to be cool, calm and collected is the President and that is why we elected him. I don’t think anyone sees our President as a ship jumper. He, unlike the last President, who not only jumped ship but was never on board or even on the same body of water, is showing that admitting he is wrong, is a good thing. It let’s us know he is human and that he wants to let us fellow citizens know that he is living in the now and not in the state of denial.

I was flying to Seattle this last weekend to do a show and a good old cowboy friend and I got into a discussion about this stimulus plan. Notice, I did not say “heated discussion” about this new plan. That is because I don’t get bent out of shape while talking politics with other folk. Reason being, my plan works for me and yours works for you. I can’t rightly get upset with you if I say “OK, now we need to get from point A to point B and the way we are going to do this is we are going to strap ourselves to a rocket.”

See, you may not like that plan nor have a fear of rockets or being stupid. You may see that plan as risky and I may see it as exciting.

That is why I don’t get upset with folks when talking politics. If you don’t get this concept, try raising a kid. They always have their own plan and everyday they will remind you of that plan. When they get older, they will remind you, again, of that plan and how, IF they had followed it, they might be better off.

Now, we voted this President in stronger than any other and at some point we are going to have to let him take the reins and run with this horse and buggy. I would say that for the most part, Americans would agree that the job of the President this term might be titled under the “most likely to fail category.” This is the toughest of times and sticking together would be essential- from the top down. That would mean you politicians in Washington, as well. Seventy percent of Americans approve of the President and want to see this plan work. Of course, you would think that 100 percent would be behind the President, unless they have magic beans that they are planning to plant.

Republicans seem to be fighting this 800 billion dollar plan. They think that Democrats have a left-side view as to the amount and where to spend it. Democrats are saying “spend it on the American people; let them jump-start the economy.” Give ‘um jobs, not tax cuts that most won’t see and the ones that do won’t see until over a year from now, AFTER April 15, 2010.

I know they say that politicians have a short memory, especially after an election year and even shorter when they win. But, the last time we had a plan like this it was in the form of a 700-billion-dollar bailout and went to the corporate wrong doers. This 700 billion don’t ask and they won’t tell . . . what they did with the money, gave the corporate big boys relief and us Americans grief.

Maybe we suggest that the politicians who don’t like this spending bill should get the tax cuts they want, and we start with them first, suspending their pay and let ‘um live off the tax cuts. See how much a tax cut would help you when you don’t have money.

Welcome to the real world politicians. Get this done so your party is not blamed for the next eight years.

Your friend,


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Will Roberts
Will Roberts is a Guinness World Record holder for Cowboy six gun, a weapons expert and professional actor. He is a trick roper and cowboy humorist, who pays tribute to Will Rogers, America's cowboy, with a wit as quick as his rope. Will is a syndicated political cartoonist and was the trick-roping cowboy at Cirque du Soleil.Will has covered the Republican National Convention, Democrat events and Presidential debates. At home in front of or behind the camera, in front of or behind a radio microphone, Will reports what he sees, usually with a twist of humor.