What is the Frequency of UFO Sightings?

Space is full of life. Space travelers visit us. One out of eight people have seen or know someone they trust enough to believe that there are UFOs and alien races visiting our planet. If you want to know for sure contact me. “If you can see UFO craft every clear night with third generation military grade night vision goggles, then everything else is a lie.” All you have to do is look through the glasses!

It is like looking in a camera or looking at an alien movie on TV. The sky is full of craft. Just like the streets are full of different types of cars, trucks, buses, motorbikes, etc. the skies are much the same. When you bother to take the time and look up, you see things flying around. The longer you look the more different things you can see in the air. You see, planes, helicopters, jets, rockets, birds of all kinds, moths, butterflies, rain, clouds, hail, snow, lightning, thunder rolls through the sky, and occasionally you see a UFO.

The average human eye is not too sophisticated. It creates bio, physical, chemical, electrical reactions associated with the brain in order to create sight. Some people are color blind. Most people can only register a small band spectrum of light frequencies. Everything above and below these wave lengths are invisible to the naked eye. Think a minute about what invisible means. Right! You cannot see it!

Graphics: Ian Brockwell

Many people now about this, but the mainstream media ignores it and or will not print the truth about it. During the day, the stars are still out, but because it is so bright we don’t see the stars nor do we see much because of the brightness. At night we don’t have enough light to see. The night vision sensitivity is amazing! It illuminates the night sky so that you can see all the stars, bats, birds, planes, UFOs, and invisible UFOs. NOW YOU KNOW! If you want to know more call me or go to this website, or both. www.edgrimsley.com

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