Response to Suspicious Activities of UNMIN in Nepal

Letter To The Editor

The article entitled “Suspicious activities of UNMIN in Nepal”, a masterpiece of well-known nationalist writer Mr. Dirgha Raj Prasai, who always uses his pen to strenthen national unity, is a commendable and readable article. I found the content based on reality and agreed by a majority of people. His dedicated work to bring the hidden facts to the public is much appreciated.

I, too, believe that the role played by UN representatives under UNMIN, was not according to their mission. Their mission was settlement of the armed conflict in a peaceful and acceptable manner under UN guidelines, to allow a sovereign nation to achieve sustainable peace. The role played by UNMIN failed in its goal because of its controversial and one-sided actions. Further, it weakened national security and the democratic process.

The killing of an innocent civilian, Ram Hari Shrestha at the Maoist cantonment at Shaktikhor, Chitaun after he was abducted from his Kathmandu home by Maoist cadres, alone is enough to show the failure of UNMIN deputed there for close observation.

One of the most dangerous and unacceptable deeds of UNMIN is that it made efforts to weaken the national security forces, both morally and strategically.

I support the writer in saying that nowhere in the world is sovereignty intact and protected without having a stable National Army. The UN needs to seriously think about this aspect and do whatever they can to contribute to Nepal’s aspirations to be a peaceful and sovereign nation.

Dibakar Pant

Currently in Mid-west US

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