Response to Sarah Palin’s Shameful Wolf-Killing Record

Letter to the Editor

Comment on Sarah Palin’s Shameful Wolf-Killing Record

“Gray Wolf” (4:02)

The selection of Sarah Palin as a vice-presidential candidate has created possibly serious problems for the wild wolves (and other endangered species) in this country.

If her policies calling for the bounty-killing of these animals using aircraft prevail unchallenged, it is likely that these or similar policies will be adopted in other territories besides Alaska, to our great detriment.

There is a short music video (“Gray Wolf” 4:02) which puts the case well, using only images and music. You are invited to review it, and to put it to possible use.

The video can be seen in low-res on YouTube, and in downloadable stereo high-res on (“Media Library” sign up required, search “Gray Wolf”). It is also available in DVD format. We’ll send you one if you want.

“Gray Wolf” is a non-commercial, not-for-profit production. If you think it can help, and want to use it, please so notify us, with every expectation that permission will be given promptly.

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