Obama Says He Will Override The Will of American Voters?

Dear NewsBlaze editors: We just had an election that no matter how you look at it was both a referendum on Obama’s policies and a cry for change.

The GOP retook the Senate ripping away seven to nine Democratic seats, vastly increasing the majority in the US House and rolling across the land in key Governors races.

America is fed up and tens of millions of Americans spoke at the polls about the economy, health care, terrorism and a need for a change of direction.

How does President Obama react? He puts up a feisty exterior and says he will work on things he “likes” but will block what he doesn’t like.


Does Mr. Obama have a Caesar complex? This is arrogant and closed minded.

Does he want to help the Democrats commit political suicide in 2016 just so he can try to keep running an imperial presidency? Our Nation was founded on the principles of checks and balances and productive give and take.

I think our President needs to take High School Civics again.

Kenneth Hodges


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