My Father Was Born in Aegean Macedonia

Letter to the Editor

Comment on Macedonia and Alexander The Great is Hellenic Through The Ages

Your article is a piece of s*** and you and people like you in Greece are in state of paranoia now!

I doubt your Americanism and if you are an American first than you should know how democracy works and people self-determination can not be overrun by some state sponsored propaganda coming out of Greece.

Go and check for yourself on Ellis island in New York, it is pretty well documented that people born in the Aegean part of Macedonia declared themselves as Macedonians when they arrived in the U.S.

I have no respect for you or any Greek hatred toward one group of people, you article is full of lies and just serves as propaganda tool and nothing else to create mo hatred between the countries.

My father was born in Aegean Macedonia and he never once said to me that he is Greek nor my grandfather who was also born in Lerin. As you probably don’t know the current Macedonian prime minister is from Aegean Macedonia. If you don’t believe me Google his roots and it is there, even Karamilis’s mother was Macedonian from Soulun who she never once said that she is Greek or spoke Greek.

Your Greek fascism is not different then Hitler’s one who was objected anything associated with Jews. Go live in you imaginary world, and yes my father has had property stolen from him by the Greece government and yes I’m suing like 30,000 more Macedonians expelled from Greece during your so called civil war.

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