McStay Family Planned Move for a Year

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I know the family, in fact was one of their neighbors in SC.

They had been thinking about moving out of SC for at least a year before they moved, maybe even longer. The reason they wanted to move out of SC was because their place was tiny. It was probably the size of the master bedroom at the new house. The reason that Summer was hesitant was simply because it’s not easy to move away from the beach.

We moved a mile inland and had a tough time with it, even though I got an extra bathroom out of the deal!

They needed a bigger place, could afford it that far inland, but were bittersweet about leaving the beach and the home that they had their two babies in.

It’s as simple as that. Regardless of Summer’s first impressions on that video, they were both very excited about acquiring a mansion after living in a tiny duplex for so long.

I pray that they are safe and come home soon. I am in disbelief.

J. Browne

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