Macedonia is and Always Was Separate From Greece

Letter to Editor

Comment on story Response to “More Talks on Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Name Issue”

You are wrong, Macedonia is and always was separate from Greece. Macedonia was a kingdom and Greece was a democracy (see the obvious deferent’s). I would recommend that you read Eujene Borza from Philadelphia University. He is the world class specialist in Macedonian studies.

The start of your story is crap and misleading, and you are demeaning the struggle by the Macedonian nation who have had their history, heritage and identity stolen by the Greeks. I recommend that you do some real research before writing, or sack the journalist for shear laziness. You contribute to this falsehood by not stating that there is, in the modern world many inconsistencies to the Greek side of the story, and just maybe start looking at the past two hundred years and work back from there.

Not start 4,000 years ago and focus around Alexander the Great and that’s it!

This issue is a major issue for the Macedonians, there is a real reason why America and 128 other countries recognize the Macedonians under there constitutional name. Ask yourself, why only Greece with the backing of France blocked Macedonia’s NATO excision and will do the same for the EU, ONLY TWO out of how many other countries, after Macedonia achieved all NATO standards.

This story is a David and Goliath story, a big power abusing a little power to gain its own way. I recommend that you scratch the surface and you will find a well of information that will fascinate and enthrall you and your readers.


Ted Kosta