I Remember Harbhajan Singh, Living the Truth

Remembering my teacher, Harbhajan Singh ‘Halwarvi’

He told me to be cautious of the Press.

Let me print Newspaper
You are doing business
Let me also do the business
If you don’t know as how to read
Let people to read!!!


When I was at School, one of the best teachers was Harbhajan Singh ‘Halwarvi.’ He died on Friday, October 9, 2003 and he, in the year 1978, as a Sub-Editor of very reputed newspaper, sincerely advised me, “Dear Balbir! Mind it, Newspapers are commercial managements, never meant for News.”

His advice always helped me to be cautious of the Press.


Regarding your story Remembering My Teacher – Harbhajan Singh ‘Halwarvi’, above, by Balbir Singh Sooch.

I 100% agree with the views of my dearest and adorable brother and friend S.Balbir Singh Sooch, Advocate. Both are pillars of society who had really lived life like a King with malice to none. They are the light house of inspiration,universal brotherhood, sacrifice and noble living.

I will never forget their principles of telling the Truth, Living the Truth and truthful behaviour towards the Nation.

We direly need such humans in our society to progress towards selfless living and better peaceful future.

Col. Jarnail Singh