Fracking In Ukraine: Genocide of 7 million people!

Dear Editor,

The Ukrainian government made what I believe is a criminal treaty with Shell, the shale gas extracting company. I believe the contract breaks human rights and also the Ukrainian constitution.

Almost 8000 square kilometers of densely populated area, in the Donetsk and Kharkiv regions will be completely destroyed due to destructive fracking technology. This area has forest reserves, a huge national park “Holy Mountains,” water resources, and the biggest river, Severskiy Donets, a source of clean water for millions of people,

Within the contract terms, Shell can import and export anything without declaration, taxes, customs fees, licenses etc. They can invade private ownership if this will be needed for their activity.

Our central media channels keep silent about the problem because they all belong to the criminal power. Most deputies and bureaucrats are corrupted or intimidated and support this situation. They try to block all informational channels including newspapers, TV, radio, even usual paper ads on the walls!

Any popularization on this topic is strongly prohibited in colleges, universities and schools. Yes, of course there’s information on central TV. But it contains mainly the false and hypocritical pretext of corrupted “scientists” and Shell delegates.

For this reason, most people know nothing or are kept under the delusion that there is no problem.

People who understand what is going on, activists, and volunteers try tirelessly to make it clear to others. They use all legal ways to get the word out, but it is not enough.

On March 20th, the Ukrainian parliament most likely will approve that contract. This will become a death sentence for about 7 million people living in the area.

We expect to see destroyed forests, poisoned water and air.

We believe there are still people who care about this, in our commercialized world.

We need International help.



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