Being Wiccan is Not About Not Having Rules

I recently read your article on Way back when I was a Wiccan. I am almost speechless. I myself am not a Wiccan but am a Pagan and do follow the earth bound religion. Your article has nothing to do at all with Wicca but rather of a girl’s lifestyle and trials.

Being Wiccan is not about not having rules and we do have a God but also a Goddess. Adding the wiccan part in my opinion was your way to draw in readers. Pagans believe all things are sacred including oneself…the abuse this girl brought upon herself was not self respecting. Trying to say the Wiccan lifestyle made this as such and the Christian faith saved her is pure filth. This story is about a young misguided girl who made some wrong decisions…SHE made these decisions NOT the Wiccan faith. This would have happened whether she was worshipping the purple mushrooms in the sky.

The amount of drugs she was taking had nothing to do with her lack of judgement either I suppose? I know many Christians that abuse not only themselves but people, substances and the earth.

That article is very insulting to say the least and I believe it should not have been published as such. Trying to blame the Wiccan faith for her indescretions is typical. I suppose the Devil made her do it? Too bad they don’t believe in the Devil.

Anyways This article was posted on a Pagan site I belong to so expect many more replies.

As a Pagan I was completely insulted … I am a Mother, a daughter, a wife, a sister, and friend. I work in the health industry and care for the elderly. I am a good and honest hard working woman who raises a family and runs a business.

Using Wicca as a scapegoat for her wrong doings is disgusting and obviously she knew nothing about the faith or she would have known better then to print such crap.

Proud Pagan


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