Attacking Syria, Really, Mr Obama And Mr. Kerry?

Only a few short years ago, then Senator Obama insisted that President Bush was a war criminal for attacking Iraq.

At that time, Senator Kerry was equally adamantly against the Bush administration’s actions. He went as far as calling our soldiers rapists and murderers.

Both Obama and Kerry claimed the intelligence information that President Bush acted on to be faulty. They also claimed the CIA was incompetent and unreliable.

Now the very same Obama, now President Obama, and Kerry, now Secretary of State Kerry, believe the same intelligence sources and feel compelled to do a military strike, ignoring the UN and US ally, Great Britain.

The foreshadowed military strike has the potential to destabilize the whole region drawing us into all-out war.

What has changed to turn these doves into hawks?

Is this a true emergency or a face saving device for the President?

Keith C. De Filippis

San Jose, CA

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