American Idol Kris Allen Needs Exposure and Support

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Hi – this is more of a letter, but please hang with me. I’m afraid you’re gonna get a lot of angry responses from Cook and Lee fans). I hope mine is more reasonable. It’s meant to be educational.

Maybe some of us aren’t looking for hot sexuality and funny-looking costumes exhibited by a gay man that some people have called AdamMinelli. It’s not really funny looking, but why the need to play dress up?

Maybe we’re looking for beautiful vocals from someone like Kris Allen. Kris is a serious musician with amazing talent. He’s honestly pretty hot. He can also play acoustic guitar, rhythm guitar, viola and piano. I am told learning viola is difficult. But he won some kind of award in high school for viola. And Kris is nothing like David Cook OR Lee Dewyze. They’re all different. And no – I’m not a homophobe. Adam is just too out there for me. I will admit he has great vocal range and I guess he’s a good performer. I just don’t get into seeing him try to shock you like kissing other guys on stage? Seriously? That’s music?


I don’t understand why a lot of people feel the need to be disrespectful to the prior winners in their articles. Can you not talk about idol’s problems without saying the last 3 winners were boring? I’m not a Cook fan either although he’s got some pipes! For one thing you could talk about American Idol’s lack of support once the “idol is launched.” It’s almost as if they set them up to fail sometimes.

“The last three winners of Idol are as exciting as a slice of white bread that has had its edges trimmed off.” How do you know this? Did you go see any of these guys in concert (not the Idol tour)? I don’t have time to really search, but I think you’ll see from what I’ve attached that Kris likes to have fun. I saw him 3 times this summer, and it was a blast!

Kris also has a heart for people. Prior to Idol he had been on 7 mission trips including Thailand after the tsunami. He wrote a song about the people of Thailand called “Charcoal Eyes.” It’s a simple yet beautiful song. The past year has been full of humanitarian causes involving Kris like Music Empowers, Haiti, Heiffer, TOMS Shoes and Little Kids Rock. It’s sad that he’s such an awesome individual, yet he gets no exposure because he’s not doing anything scandalous.

A lot of people like to call Kris boring. He’s actually a lot of fun. He and the band really do have fun and at the same time they can rock out on the stage.

Oh, and check out this video of Kris and the KAB-he made it to say thank you to his fans. He’s awesome like that! I don’t remember why he was thanking us…maybe because we bought him 50 cows for his birthday?

Here’s the website link about the cows:

Jamie Foxx didn’t say Kris was his No. 1 for no reason at all. Thanks for listening to me!! Feedback will be welcome.