Will Joe Biden Destroy Oil Industry? Pennsylvania, Texas, OK?

Joe Biden said on primetime TV that he will “transition away from the oil industry.” This was in the debate with Donald Trump and isn’t the first time he has targeted the energy sector.

He has previously said no new fracking, and his running mate, Kamala Harris has said she would shut down the fracking industry.

Democrats living and working in Pennsylvania, Texas, Oklahoma, and other oil and gas states may not be very happy about a vote for Biden killing their own jobs and their state’s income.

This is part of Biden’s climate plan, but it isn’t very practical because America is a big country and freight costs would skyrocket if diesel jumped in price due to fuel becoming uneconomical to produce.

Democrats in oil states didn’t take long to react. In Oklahoma, Representative Kendra Horn said she will keep on fighting for all types of energy in Congress.

The oil industry in the USA supports around 1.4 million jobs, and Texas more than 350,000 of those.

joe biden will end the oil industry
Joe Biden says he will end the oil industry. Cartoon by NewsBlaze.

Biden thought he was scoring points against Trump by saying subsidies went to oil but not solar and wind. Biden was incorrect because all energy industries are subsidised. Obama and Biden already tried his plan, and it resulted in gasoline selling for $4 per gallon – $5 in California.

Voters will remember that, but many democrat voters don’t care, especially in California.

Alan Gray
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